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Creativity Board / Re: Writers Digest - open writing contests
« Last post by Cassidy Alice on Today at 08:15:23 AM »
Sounds interesting! :D
Books and Literature / Re: Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus
« Last post by Cassidy Alice on Today at 08:13:11 AM »
Me too!
Books and Literature / Re: Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus
« Last post by Kasi McCarty on Today at 04:57:55 AM »
I've read it!!!! I just hadn't gotten a chance to get here and post.

IT WAS AMAZING. Like, it was so good it made me cry....CONSTANTLY and then I sobbed for about an hour after I finished it. I can't wait until the Sword of Summer and I look forward to everything Rick puts out in the future!
The WHAT Board / Re: How are you feeling?
« Last post by Free_Spirit on Today at 04:48:06 AM »
Great! :-D

I received TWO pieces of good news today: first, Bryan Konietzko HIMSELF answered my question on the Avatar Wiki chat forum....

( I'm Free Spirit 81 there. ;-)  )


....and THEN , I learned that the owner of the little apartment that I have been wanting ACCEPTED our final offer! YES, I'm most likely getting my OWN PLACE! :-D


The WHAT Board / Re: How are you feeling?
« Last post by GothicAngel on Today at 01:22:39 AM »
Awful. Boyfriend buys concert tickets for me two months in advance, and I just had to get some mono-esque disease the night before! It was the first time I'd be able to go somewhere with him in months, and bam! The stress of everything finally gets to me. Whoop-de-ducking-foo.
Creativity Board / Writers Digest - open writing contests
« Last post by Noodles Aang Colbert on Today at 12:29:40 AM »
Alright so over the summer I was taking a series of seminars on writing and this was one of the suggested sites to enter into contests.  I have an entry into the short story (1,500 words or less) one and we'll see what else, but I wanted to share and it does cost to enter.  There are contests varying in length and topics.
Books and Literature / Re: Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus
« Last post by GothicAngel on Today at 12:11:01 AM »
Nope! I read it too!

I'll refrain from posting my full opinion, as it will probably get at least someone mad (Tumblr has made me paranoid). But I liked it.
Television and Movies / Re: Avengers Age of Ultron
« Last post by Fenix on October 23, 2014, 11:08:41 PM »
*wakes this thread up*


Episodes / Re: 403 - The Coronation
« Last post by wherewulf on October 23, 2014, 10:12:04 PM »
I don't agree that she's an outlaw, but she does prefer to be left alone and wants to make a difference in what she does.  I certainly agree she's "waiting and listening", like King Bumi did.  I'd just like to hear her reasons now for it.
Episodes / Re: 403 - The Coronation
« Last post by Av on October 23, 2014, 08:50:14 PM »
For that matter, though, I don't think we got an answer from Toph as to why she's there in the Great Swamp.  Okay, so she can "see" Lin and Su; just leaving things at "seeing" has never been Toph's style, despite what she said about the names of the crooks changing but the street remaining the same.
Well, we know that Toph left Republic City because she refused to lock her daughter in prison, so that's why she's no longer Police Chief. As to why she's hermiting out in the swamp, well, if she's an outlaw so to speak, what better place to hide for a person who pretends to be apathetic but is actually greatly compassionate than a place in the middle of nowhere where you can still see everything?

In spite of how confrontational and physically active Toph is, an important part of her character on rampant display during The Chase is that she prefers to be left alone and not doing busy work. So this move makes a bit more sense than it would seem at first.
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