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Episodes / Re: 106-And the Winner Is...
« Last post by wherewulf on April 28, 2017, 06:20:50 PM »
Pabu was the hero of the episode.  He freed the Fire Ferrets.  :D

I wonder if the Wolfbats petitioned City Hall about keeping the Probending Finals open, too.  Guess not.

(For that matter, given how quickly the other Council members weathervaned when Tarrlok changed his vote (so dramatically), I have to wonder if Tarrlok has something on them--or if they're just human weathervanes for true.  Phooey.)

I suppose it was nice of the Lieutenant to fish out the Fire Ferrets.  Even took the trouble to tie them up to keep them out of harm, too.

I briefly wondered this time out what would have happened if Amon had let the result stand--if he had not intervened so dramatically at the end of the Finals to come down on the Wolfbats, and instead talked about how the Wolfbats cheated, and how benders regularly cheated nonbenders out of scores of opportunities in life, etc., etc., etc.  Then I thought, wait a minute--who am I kidding?  Amon pass up a public chance to show up the "bending establishment" like this??  Riiiiiight.  :D

Although... "And once that goal is achieved, we will Equalize the rest of the world!"  Um... how?  You're one man, Amon.  Would you seek out other Bloodbenders and convert them somehow?  Even you can't Bloodbend millions or probably billions of benders.
Episodes / Re: 105-The Spirit of Competition
« Last post by Fenix on April 27, 2017, 04:24:54 AM »
I wouldn't be a bit surprised. Blech.

Blame TV Tropes for that, their tropes don't always make sense. But to be fair love triangles don't usually connect either.

Episodes / Re: 105-The Spirit of Competition
« Last post by wherewulf on April 26, 2017, 06:15:24 PM »
That we know of.  Given the Internet, though, I bet there's a Tahno-Asami crackship out there someplace.

So not all the lines connect, huh?  Some dodecahedron that is.  :P  And I remember that meme.  It was good and ridiculous.

While I'm at it, that ref giving Korra the "yellow fan" was a nice touch.  :D
Comics and Graphic Novels / Re: Gunnerkrigg Court
« Last post by wherewulf on April 26, 2017, 11:51:21 AM »
"We can rebuild him [Robot]... we have the technology..."  XD

Hmm... wonder if they ever considered giving Steve Austin upgrades.
Episodes / Re: 105-The Spirit of Competition
« Last post by Fenix on April 26, 2017, 04:19:27 AM »
Well not all lines in a love dodecahedron connect, Wulf. And Tahno's not technically part of it anyways.

But it made for a great meme. I'm sorry, but the Kissing Korra meme is my favorite from the fandom.
Episodes / Re: 105-The Spirit of Competition
« Last post by wherewulf on April 26, 2017, 01:29:00 AM »
A love Dodecahedron is a trope name for when the love situation goes a little crazy and you have multiple people loving different people.

So Asami's got something for Tahno, then.  :D

So, the rewatch: I wonder where on earth--er, where in the world--Ikki got the recipe for her love potion.  Her idea of romantic situations and Jinora's: more fanfics.  XD  (Although arguably...)

The "Future Industries Fire Ferrets".  I wonder if professional Probending sponsorship ever became a thing.

"Korra's obviously had her nose to the grindstone."  It's always interesting when expressions from our world wind up in Avatar.

Re Naga and Tahno: Naga's a good Probender bender.  XD  And re Korra's and Bolin's belching contest: I wonder if Aang was elbowing Roku during that.  Or maybe thought about inviting Korra into the Spirit World for a challenge.

It was nice to see that Korra can think on her feet and do something other than fight.  When she bothers.

Love the Big Kabosh.  XD

Bryke took Bolin's pain and turned it into a punchline, and that always intensely bothered me.

This still hurts.  This just... it still hurts.
Episodes / Re: 104-The Voice in the Night
« Last post by wherewulf on April 25, 2017, 01:24:30 AM »
I bet Tenzin feels like phoning in his vote sometimes, since the other Council members pay him so little heed.

"This is just another one of your ploys to gain more power, isn't it?"  That line of Tenzin's, to Tarrlok... (sigh)  That could have been put in a far more subtle way; it's one of the few kludge lines in Season 1, if you ask me.  I'm surprised Tarrlok didn't laugh when Tenzin said that.

Jeff Blum must have really enjoyed reading all of his lines.  So beautifully villainous.

Asami's voice actor, Seychelle Gabriel, is one of the few good things that came out of "The Last Airbender".  And just think--if Asami had hit Mako any harder, she would have changed the story.

For that matter, I wonder how many dates Asami's run into up til now.  XD

Again, I have to say I love how Bolin is here in this episode with Korra.  I love his bearing, his confidence.  So unlike what we see later.

I still wonder who it was that helped Hiroshi get his Satomobile idea off the ground.

I see another fanfic in chronicling Tarrlok's reactions to Korra rejecting all his gifts and his planning ever more elaborate ones.

Korra got ambushed twice, first by Tarrlok and his press corps-laden reception, then by Amon.  You really thought either of them were going to play fair, Korra?  And if you wanted lessons in manipulation, you just got some.

I would love to know just what all is inside Aang's memorial, too.  That is just... gosh.

So why is Tarrlok your least favorite character in the show, Lion?  XD
I was thinking to start on the HP movies as part of my fantasy binge. Now, let me go on record of saying I love the books, save for the seventh for reasons I've stated on numerous occasions. The movies, however, are not so good. If I never read the books before, maybe I'd like them. The kids did a good job acting the roles, but that's the thing; in an adaptation, I want to see these characters brought to life on screen, and none of the kids managed to do that, not even Watson. Speaking of which, Watson has to be the most overrated actor of the modern age. She's okay at best, but she is a character actor. I see no difference between Watson's Hermione and Watson's Belle. She did not play Hermione Granger, she played a flanderized Hermione Granger. Even the adults for the most part did not bring their characters to life except Harris (the original Dumbledore) and Rickman and Smith who are always amazing. Gambon was a terrible Dumbledore. Dumbledore is supposed to be this kindly old man who can be your grandpa, not this short tempered asshole. Fiennes was no Voldemort. Even Carter, who I generally love, played a terrible Bellatrix.

However, what really got me was the decisions the various directors had made. They sacrificed character development, memorable scenes, and lines for no good reason. The constant putting Hermione in the spotlight. It was Ron who said, "If you kill Harry, you have to kill us too!" in the third book. The whole tight friendship of Harry and Ron was shoved to the side in order to make way for more Watson and so that we the audience knows that Yates shipped Harry and Hermione, a relationship that was never even hinted at in the books. Instead of hearing about Ginny being a BAMF and standing up to Snape and the Carrows, we got that stupid dance scene. Ginny in particular showed herself to be a badass in the last three books and a perfect match for Harry, but in the movies, she was shoved to the side. Instead of Neville's infamous, "DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY!!", we get that cringe worthy speech.

Also, there is a severe lack of emotion in the movies. Nothing feels genuine. The romantic scenes are awkward. The crying sequences feel forced. Everything about the movies felt half-assed. This was not Harry Potter, this was a local rural theater's performance of Harry Potter with a movie-sized big budget.

However, this is my own opinion. If you liked the movies, I won't judge.
Episodes / Re: 103-The Revelation
« Last post by wherewulf on April 24, 2017, 02:02:26 AM »
(girds self for episode 5) (in a few episodes)

Shady Shin's Satomobile has power windows.  o__o

I've always been curious as to what led to the creation of the bending Triads.  Money and opportunity would be my first guesses.

Seeing how the Equalists have a ready source of chi blocker "muscle", it also makes me wonder if there are nonbender Triads in the City, too.  Um, in addition to the Equalists.  XD

I'd love to know under what circumstances Mako learned about the Equalists.  And the chi blockers.  He's met them before.  I wonder how.

(If you don't mind, I'd also like to put in a plug for Invaderk's Arrearage Testimony that gets into Mako's and Bolin's lives before they met Korra.  Very dark, as you might expect, but very interesting.  :D)

Speaking of dark, Mike & Bryan's industrial city artwork is splendid.  The city looks so beautifully gloomy.

It was kinda funny how Korra had an "Ember Island Players"-type Zutarian reaction from accidentally cuddling with Mako.  XD  Woop, nope, didn't mean to do that, nope, zow, nope.

Amon's intro flanked by the Lieutenant and the Equalists looks like he's either going to burst out in song or bust a few moves.  XD  And gosh, the Lieutenant is as terrifying as ever.

Bolin's grimaces remind me of Wallace & Grommit's expressions.

I also got to wondering when the crowd gathered for Amon's revelation booed "The Avatar".  I feel like all of that is directed at Korra, but... I have to wonder how much of that might have been aimed Aang's way.  And why.
Episodes / Re: 102-A Leaf in the Wind
« Last post by wherewulf on April 22, 2017, 01:16:33 AM »
"How do you solve a problem like a Kor-raaaaa?"
"How do you catch a cloud and pin it dowwwwwn?"

Well, not that Legend of Korra ever turned into a musical (although that'd be an interesting thought), but I'd lay money that Tenzin had a thought or two along those lines during this episode.

And a few others.  XD

On that note, Meelo must have been an incredible handful to train.  And for that matter, it makes me wonder how Tenzin did get around to training Ikki and Meelo.  I mean, Jinora I get; her firstborn seriousness helped her and helped Tenzin get things across to her very well.  Ikki and Meelo... oil and water, I would say.  Another fanfic plotbunny.  Hm.

As far as that is concerned and not to speak ill of Tenzin, but I wonder if Jinora might have made more progress with Korra.  Just a thought.  I think Jinora might have been able to connect better with Korra here, as we learned later on.  Ah, well.

Also, I'm still a fan of Korrasami and Bopal, but I really think Borra would have been interesting, and good for both of them.  I also have to say I still really like the way Bolin started out--as opposed to how he turned out.

"Being the Avatar isn't all about fighting, Korra!" said Tenzin.  "When will you learn that?"  Very good question.  Certainly I asked it for a few seasons.
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