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Author Topic: 12/10/2012: A few reminders.  (Read 606 times)

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12/10/2012: A few reminders.
« on: December 11, 2012, 04:34:57 AM »
Welcome everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week thus far. I just wanted to go over a few things with everyone regarding the site, as well as a few issues I've been noticing on the boards. I realize this is an adjustment period for many, so this is no way scolding, just a few things to remember while using the forums so everyone is clear.

Language and Post Content: KEEP IT CLEAN

Understand that as always: language, overly mature content, extremely off-topic reply strings, and fan art dumps outside the correct fan art sections are not allowed. I realize that the mature boards are not up yet, and I expect TKC's members to uphold the rules clearly outlined/linked to in several places on the site: on every quick reply, reply page, rule boards, and "Welcome to Republic City." While the staff has been silently PMing members to refrain from language until we can get certain boards open or merely just adding asterisks to certain words, understand that the general boards are meant to be family-friendly. We realize occasional mistakes happen, but this has been occurring too much. Now that there has been an official statement regarding inappropriate posts/language in addition to what's guidelined in the forum rules, warnings will start to go in effect if continued to be broken.

Just so you are aware of the site's official rule regarding the matter:

3.) Don’t use profanity or post inappropriate content.
Pretty self explanatory. The main boards of this forum cater to a vast array of ages; therefore cursing (with the exceptions of “ass” and “damn” – so long as they are not directed at someone in a mean way) is not permitted. Those who do not comply will be warned and have their post edited by a mod.  Sexual content is not allowed:  anyone who engages in posting sexually explicit images of any nature on the public boards will be automatically banned. 

This is a gentle reminder to help the staff and I out while I finish building the Mature Board areas. They are being worked on.

Moderator terrik_zion will be reviewing your applications and is the official moderator of these sections. Any further questions about the application/application process must be fielded by him. Understand, however, that you must still use the form when applying, and meet the requirements. He will be addressing the forum with more information soon, so until then - all submitted applications are on hold due to maintenance. Any other applications received will be added to the queue.

You can read more from him here: http://thekorraconnection.com/index.php?topic=860.msg10425#new

Where do I post ______?

I wanted to hopefully clear up any confusion about where to place topics if you looked over something in the rules. Many “information posts” or “Rules” are stickied throughout their respective boards and indicate where to put items. However it seems there is still some confusion, especially regarding TKC's Ship boards, so I’m going to talk a little bit about that and how we need to categorize on this forum. Please read these stickied threads in the boards you post in, in addition to whatever you read here.

Shipping fan art/fan video/fanfiction submissions
There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding this, so I’m here to make it as simple as possible! Shipping threads are for discussions relating to ships, theories, reactions, speculation, and other conversation-based topics. Any media should still go into either ATLA/ALOK fan fiction, fan art, fan media folders. Or ALOK/ATLA Member Galleries if you are the one who has created said works.

TKC does this out of respect for the artists, writers, and creators who devote a lot of time into contributing these pieces to the fandom. “Dumping them” into posts, especially without citation, doesn’t give them the chance to be admired and discussed like pieces submitted to the fan art folders. So let’s treat all art equally and give it its rightful place in a thread. The same goes with fan fiction and fan media, like AMV’s.

+ A Fanart or two may be used to depict a non-canon ship on the opening thread, so long as it is properly cited. However, even with non-canon or crackships, the majority of the thread should center around discussion. Take fanart for said ships to the appropriate ALOK/ATLA fan art folders.

+ Spazz threads may be included in ship discussion sections so long as they are seperate from actual discussion. They are for meant to be used for screenshots, gifs, meme-type graphics, and things of a graphical nature. Art, as mentioned previously, needs to go in the appropriate ALOK/ATLA fan art sections.

If you are unsure where an artwork featuring both ATLA and ALOK characters would go
Simply pick a destination and title as accurately as possible. If you are very confused, you can always PM a mod and ask for an opinion. We are here to help.

A few rules of thumb:
+ If the artwork features characters from the Gaang with Korra, and they are older – file them into the ALOK folder.
+ If the fanart features more characters from one series than the other and they are shown at show-canon ages, file under the one that has more characters present, but make reference to their being ALOK themes in the title. Example: Avatar Korra meets Aang and friends.


I am currently building a FAQ database that you all may use to quickly find answers to things of this thread's nature, forum settings, and other various questions users may ask. I am also constructing a suggestion/user query box. Please try to find answers in the "Welcome to Republic City" thread before using this function if at all possible.

Note that this is not a means to bypass reading rules or information posts on boards, but a way to refresh your memory if you need something a question quickly fielded.

Last week's news regarding post count and site maintenance: http://thekorraconnection.com/index.php?topic=684.msg10359#new



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