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Everything you need to know about your account, what things are, what they do, and other useful info! A Must-read!

Author Topic: Getting Started: How to use your account and forum settings!  (Read 1109 times)

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Getting Started: How to use your account and forum settings!
« on: November 12, 2012, 07:33:05 AM »
First things first, welcome to The Korra Connection! This is a friendly place and we hope you have a lot of fun here! It’s always hard starting somewhere new, so here’s a few tips and tricks to get your account set up, your notifications and settings how you like them, and how to use most of the general options!

Navigating the menu:
Under the your user icon and the site banner, you’ll notice a link bar that stretches across the length of the forum. When you hover your mouse on these links, you will see additional options.

Simply put, a search engine for the forum. Use this is you’re trying to find something – queries input into the search field will automatically direct you to a page of results.   

When you hover on this link you will see the following options:
  • Summary
  • Account Settings
  • Forum Profile

The Summary field will take you to your current profile page: the one other users see on the forum when clicking your avatar.
At the top of your profile, you will see a new link bar with the options:

  • Profile Info

    • Show Stats: Click this to see your general activity, including: total time spent online, total posts, total topics started, number of polls created, and number of votes cast. You will also be able to see posting activity by time in graph form. Underneath that you can see what your most popular posts are based on posts and overall activity.

    • Show Pictures: Clicking this option will allow you to see any photos you’ve uploaded to your ultimate profile.

    • Show buddies: Clicking this allows you to see your forum buddies. You can add buddies by clicking their user icon and selecting the ‘add buddy’ option on their personal profile page.

    • Show Posts: Clicking this allows you to see your posts and topic view.

    • Show Awards: Clicking this allows you to see any awards you have been given/earned in contests or events.

    • Awards List: Allows you to view what awards have been given by the forum staff in general, as well as what you have the potential to win.

    • Blog: Allows you to view your blog.

  • Modify Profile

    • Forum Profile: This page holds all critical information that identifies you on this forum. You can include fields like age, birthday, gender, contact information, or even link your website. You can edit your email, allow users to email you or see your online status, and change a password/add security question for a password. For security reasons, you will need to enter your (current) password to make changes to this information.

    • Ultimate Profile: You can add more detail about yourself with ultimate profile. You can choose who sees your profile, profile comments, and pictures. You can also disable these features. In addition, you can specify how many friends you want displayed on your profile, write a biography about yourself, share your interests, and even include media on your profile: such as youtube videos, graphics, or special images.

      • Media Box: Use this section to upload images, graphics, youtube videos - really anything that suits your fancy. If you know any html or css, you can also input this type of coding. With it, you can actually customize the look and feel of your profile. You can do simple html to alter the look/feel of your layout. Be sure to test your profile after adding certain coding, as the forum can’t do all html / css features.

      • How to add a photo to Profile Pictures: Simply click “Profile Pictures”, then navigate to the “add pictures” link. There is also an icon in which you can create albums. Keep in mind, however, at this time you are only allowed 6 uploads each. This may or may not increase in the future.

    • Look and Layout: This section allows you to customize the look and layout of the forum. You can make better use of how you want to navigate and view elements within the forum. There are many useful features such as turning on the ‘quick reply’ feature to quickly answer posts, displaying board descriptions inside boards, and using sidebar navigation instead of the drop down menus.
      Another thing I urge posters to use is the "Return to topics after posting by default" option. It makes browsing a lot faster. :)

    • Notifications: IMPORTANT!!! This is an important one to customize as you see fit. By default, the forum will alert you of most anything. Be sure to turn on/off the elements you wish to be notified of.

    • Personal Messaging: Clicking this allows you set up notifications for PM’s, whether or not you want to save sent PM’s, and other useful options. You can also manually set whether or not you want tosave outgoing messages here, as the forum does not save them by default. To activate this feature, select this option: Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default.

    • Buddies/Ignore List:Here you can edit your buddies position within top buddies, as well as define users you wish to ignore. Be aware that ignoring defined forum members will effect the way you see threads, PM’s, and comment views.

  • Account Settings:

    • You can use your account settings to specify your email and specify whether or not it’s visible to the forum. You can also decide whether or not you want to disclose online status. By leaving the box unchecked, you will register as “hidden” on the forum.

    • You can also use this section to change passwords and decide security questions if you forget a password.


Better known as the PMing system.

  • Messages: Use this function to view your inbox and outbox.

  • Labels:  You can apply and save labels for use in messaging people on the forum with this function! A very handy feature packed with variables.

  • Actions:  Contains a handy search feature for PM’s. Use this in conjunction with labels and make stay more organized than ever before! You can also opt to prune (remove) messages that are a certain number of days old.

  • Preferences: In this section you may manage any labels/rules created for your PM’s. In addition, you can specify the way PM’s are displayed (All at once, one at a time, or as a conversation.) You can also mark your PM's as "read" or "unread."

    • Privacy settings also allow for you to choose who can send you PM’s – you can limit them to people who are defined as buddies and admins, accept messages from everyone except those on the ignore list, or only accept messages from the administrators. You can also adjust your settings in which you are notified of PM’s.


A fun and useful application to write notes - specifically useful if you're not ready to start a topic, but want to prepare a draft. Read more about the notepad here.


This button will allow you to view all your bookmarked topics in one easy place!
To bookmark a topic, first click the ‘Add Bookmark’ button at the top or bottom of any thread.

You will automatically redirected to the ‘My bookmarks’ directory upon doing so, where the newest bookmarked topic rests on top.


Use this handy feature to not only keep track of holidays and general fare, but also member birthdays, anniversaries, forum events, and other notable things here at TKC!


Use this handy button to view recently updated blogs! Members who have recently updated their blogs will appear at the top of the list!
You can also select 'My Blog' and view/manage your own entries. Read more about blogs and their features here.


Use this section to browse/search for members.

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Re: Getting Started: How to use your account and forum settings!
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2012, 11:49:55 AM »
The Pro-bending Score Board and the Championship Pot:

This is TKC's unique reward system that involves giving any member a Yuan for contributing to the forum via an informative/helpful post or just for being awesome to other members on the forum in general. Any member can choose to 'Give A Yuan' to any other member of the forum for the above mentioned reasons.

The following table will clearly explain how the system works.

What it means
An overview of the Championship Pot System. This can be seen on the left side of any post made by any member on any topic. Please note that these images are only examples and may vary depending on the designation of each member

This is the basic function that starts it all. Click on the Give A Yuan option to reward someone for helping you out or making an awesome post!

Every time someone gives you a Yuan, it adds a point to your Championship Pot. It is basically the sum of Yuans you have received.

The six glass lamps you see on top are Rank Indicators - Your very own Pro-Bending scoreboards! You'll notice that some of these are lit and some of them aren't. The number of lit lamps indicates your rank. The more Yuans you get, the higher your rank. You will see the scoreboards begin to "light up" as your forum time and yuans increase. When all six light up -  secrets areas may be revealed to you...

While rewarding, please remember...

 i) You cannot reward yourself.

ii) There is a 4 hour time gap between every two Yuans you can give to the same member. For example, if you've just given a member a Yuan, you cannot give the same member another Yuan for the next four hours.

HAPPY REWARDING!!! Now go do some awesome things and collect more Yuans!!!



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