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Author Topic: Legend of Korra Turf Wars  (Read 232 times)

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Legend of Korra Turf Wars
« on: July 30, 2017, 01:17:45 PM »
I know we have several topics about this but none where we actually discuss the comic (those of us who have it). And there are topics for each of the individual Airbender ones, So I'd thought I'd make a new topic for it. If not cool just merge it into one of the other topics already in progress.

Anyway yeah this is to talk about the first in a three part series... and the rest of the series as it releases.

SO Turf Wars! Do you love it, do you hate it? Tell us why. And I mean really get into detail.

Personally I love it, I really really love it for a lot of reasons but let's talk about the non spoiler reasons first. First of all the art. Like... it's so pretty :D A lot of people are complaining because they didn't use the same artist that they had for the Airbender comics. I think that not using the same artist is perfect. In the same way that Korra has her own style, I think it's appropriate that her comics do as well. I think it gives it a look and feel that is wholly separate of Aang.  The colors are also vibrant, and well done.

I also enjoy the tone and the pacing, each character is written exactly how they would have been for the show. And really with Mike behind the writing of course it works.  So this is really more a praise for consistency.

I'm not sure what else I can say that isn't spoilery... I just really enjoyed the comic and I think it's great.

Now that's not to say that everyone will. As a comic reviewer I like to use the motto not everything is for everyone. There are bound to be disagreements. That being said I hope those that didn't like it have solid reasons behind why they didn't, and not just "GAH it's not Aang! Ugh!" which I've been seeing on facebook.

on to Spoilers...and I do mean lots of spoilers.

(click to show/hide)Okay where to even begin!?!?

First of all... DAT KISS....DEM KISSES! FRICK YES! And I am absolutely in love with the fact that this comic makes a lot of our head canons about sexuality in the avatar world freaking Canon.

Kyoshi was Queer? CHECK!
Air Nomads didn't give a frick about who loved who? CHECK!
KYA IS GAY WITH A GIRLFRIEND!? CHECK! ...ish.. She at least had a girlfriend before. Please let her and Lin get together. I need a two for two ship on this thanks.
Sozin was a hecka dongus? Yeah checkarino.

I mean I can go on and on about Korra and Asami's relationship and how well it's written, and just how great they work together. Those of us paying attention since season three kinda already knew that. But now that they are totally done with that cat and mouse, will they won't they thing? It's just so much better. It's freeing.  I'm not sure if this is really a spoiler but I don't wanna chance anyone calling me out like "they could've fought like Mako and Korra and now I know they don't thanks!"

Not sayign they don't bump heads a little, but it's such a minor bump it's hardly that.

Bolin joining up with Mako on the police force is the next logical step for Bolin, and I just kinda love it. And the way he's friendly with the guys they arrest is just like perfect classic Bolin. Speaking of Bolin he's gotten pretty great at Lava bending. Quickly dispatching Tokuga's hook swords like it was nothing.

Speaking of Tokuga, while it's interesting that he's been infected by a spirit... I will say i'm a little disappointed. I was kind of hoping he was going to be jut a regular dude with a power hungry thing. But I guess that's Korra all over, straight forward villains aren't exactly the way the story goes.It'll be interesting to see how that goes. I have some theories. I wonder if he'll continue the plan to try and turn the Spirit World into some kind of theme park.

Also new gangs appearing in Republic City! trying to fill the void as it were. I guess it's called Turf wars for a reason.

Which brings us back to..... Korrasami. How does it bring us back to it? It jsut does. Just does okay. Deal with it.

But more so I wanna talk about Korra and Asami coming out to people thus far. I like that everyone is supportive, even if they aren't great at it. Like she hasn't told Tenzin yet, and they haven't come out to the whole city. But word travels fast.

ALSO I'm totally understanding of her parents' position, they jut want to protect her. Should they? Who knows. They're parents they aren't perfect. They still love and support her, they just worry how other people will accept it.

ALSO ALSO Kya spotting it before they said anything, is a great example of the relationship in general. For a lot of queer fans, who have literally gone through relationships. It was easy for us to spot the beginnings of something stirring between Korra and Asami. So it makes sense for Kya who is queer herself, I'mma keep reminding you, to take notice first.

I imagine Mako actually isn't as comfy with it as Bolin thinks he is, I'm sure it's a lot of feelings for him that both his exes are dating.  But of course Bolin thinks he's happy, because Bolin himself is happy. Because his friends are happy. Who wouldn't be happy for them? And that's Bolin all over.

What do you all think?

there is one small thing that I wanna say kinda bothers me but it's so so so minor. In a panel we see Pema holding a baby. Now a lot of people think that's Rohan. And if it is, yeah it bugs me a little. But I don't think it is. Every panel Irene Koh did, she had to run it by Bryan and Mike. Every single one. So I don't think they'd just let that slide. Pema's helping out in the relief effort. Maybe it's some else's baby? Maybe they'll never bring it up? But some people are listing it as a MAJOR ISSUE. And I think that's probably the most ridiculous reason people have been giving for not liking the book as a whole.

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Sooooooooooooo anyone wanna talk about this?
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