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Author Topic: I hate to be the wet blanket here, but since Katara's busy... (HP movies)  (Read 175 times)

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I was thinking to start on the HP movies as part of my fantasy binge. Now, let me go on record of saying I love the books, save for the seventh for reasons I've stated on numerous occasions. The movies, however, are not so good. If I never read the books before, maybe I'd like them. The kids did a good job acting the roles, but that's the thing; in an adaptation, I want to see these characters brought to life on screen, and none of the kids managed to do that, not even Watson. Speaking of which, Watson has to be the most overrated actor of the modern age. She's okay at best, but she is a character actor. I see no difference between Watson's Hermione and Watson's Belle. She did not play Hermione Granger, she played a flanderized Hermione Granger. Even the adults for the most part did not bring their characters to life except Harris (the original Dumbledore) and Rickman and Smith who are always amazing. Gambon was a terrible Dumbledore. Dumbledore is supposed to be this kindly old man who can be your grandpa, not this short tempered asshole. Fiennes was no Voldemort. Even Carter, who I generally love, played a terrible Bellatrix.

However, what really got me was the decisions the various directors had made. They sacrificed character development, memorable scenes, and lines for no good reason. The constant putting Hermione in the spotlight. It was Ron who said, "If you kill Harry, you have to kill us too!" in the third book. The whole tight friendship of Harry and Ron was shoved to the side in order to make way for more Watson and so that we the audience knows that Yates shipped Harry and Hermione, a relationship that was never even hinted at in the books. Instead of hearing about Ginny being a BAMF and standing up to Snape and the Carrows, we got that stupid dance scene. Ginny in particular showed herself to be a badass in the last three books and a perfect match for Harry, but in the movies, she was shoved to the side. Instead of Neville's infamous, "DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY!!", we get that cringe worthy speech.

Also, there is a severe lack of emotion in the movies. Nothing feels genuine. The romantic scenes are awkward. The crying sequences feel forced. Everything about the movies felt half-assed. This was not Harry Potter, this was a local rural theater's performance of Harry Potter with a movie-sized big budget.

However, this is my own opinion. If you liked the movies, I won't judge.
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