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Author Topic: Kyatto's AMVs / Fanvids (hosted on new platform)  (Read 199 times)

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Kyatto's AMVs / Fanvids (hosted on new platform)
« on: January 21, 2017, 11:33:37 AM »
Because Youtube has its fair share of... issues, they can be pretty picky towards users who make AMVs and fan edits. (Those who were around in the mid 2000s when ATLA first started getting popular likely remember epic takedown Viacom did of content related to any of their properties, including Nickelodeon, off of Youtube so fans had to scramble to find other places to host and share. Unfortunately most of those older sites, such as Livevideo, no longer exist.)

Because of how much Youtube keeps changing I've been archiving my ATLA & LOK AMVs (and other fandom videos) on a new platform that's more lenient and considers the content Fair Use because it's transformative.  This is where I'll also be uploading any new AMVs I make in the future. I got a few of my Slash ship videos on there and I'm working on uploading more including my Gen videos and Het shipping ones as I find them going through old accounts and old external hard drives. But yep - I've changed over where you can see my AMVs! As I know back when I was actively making them they were pretty well received!

You can find them here - http://www.breach.tv/user/Kyatto/videos

Hope you enjoy! And if you're an avid AMV maker like myself I recommend you give this site a try! Their HD player is really nice, even when I use it on my IPhone to watch stuff.  And it doesn't buffer as much as other sites do. Plus this site secures the video content where people can't rip it and repost it elsewhere (common issue with Youtube and others). I just started uploading a couple months ago and my AMVs/fanvids have been getting a lot more views than they ever did on Youtube which makes me really happy! So yeah, if you do AMVs I recommend giving them a shot even if it's just to archive what you have uploaded on Youtube in case at any point someone puts a flag for a copyright strike on one of your videos or more - so that way it all still exists and people can see it.  :)



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