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Author Topic: Renew Your Vows  (Read 126 times)

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Renew Your Vows
« on: December 22, 2016, 03:52:09 AM »
Okay... Marvel you totally messed up Spider Man twice since I've been alive. First you messed up in One More Day/Brand New Day by having peter exchange his relationship with Mary Jane for the Life of Aunt May (Come on she was like 80 at the time, it just her time to go don't look at me like that!) to basically the Devil.

THEN You decided that Peter wasn't a good enough Spiderman so you had Otto Octavius (that's Doc Ock folks) take over Peter's body and let Peter's mind die inside of Octavius's. Then claimed he was a Superior Spiderman. UGH! You eventually undid that (thank chuthlu).

BUT THIS RIGHT HERE. This is exactly What I've wanted from you forever. It's Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and their daughter fighting crime! Well mostly MJ and Pete... but my point is YES! And it's freaking adorable as heck. And it's fun to read their interactions as a family. And I'm just saying we could of had this long before now.. but fine I'll take it.

Now if I'm not mistaken this doesn't take place in Universe 616 also known as the Main universe. But a different one... which is fine. I don't care. Cause it's so good and the characters are so far really great.

I swear if Marvel does something to them....

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Re: Renew Your Vows
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2016, 07:33:58 AM »
As you know, I despise OMD/BND with a burning passion that exceeds a thousand suns, but RENEW YOUR VOWS. RENEW YOUR VOWS, I SUPPORT FULLY.

I have been purposefully walking into my LCS recently, ignoring ASM entirely and purchasing Renew Your Vows. You're right that it doesn't take place in 616 (the main universe), but it's selling as well as it despite being a spin-off, so I hope that sends a message to Marvel.

As for the book itself, it is "freaking adorable as heck," and I love it. Spider-Dad is GREAT and I also really enjoy how Peter is more of a "mother hen" than MJ, though the latter very much loves their daughter too.



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