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Author Topic: Dark Horse Avatar Panel at NYCC 2016  (Read 335 times)

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Dark Horse Avatar Panel at NYCC 2016
« on: September 08, 2016, 05:49:43 PM »
Dark Horse Comics will be having an Avatar panel at NYCC on October 8th at 5:15 PM Eastern Time.


We MIGHT also get some Korra comic news, but we'll see if they have the decency to do it. Some fans have figured out that Brittney Williams is NO LONGER the artist, and they insist they can tell who it is now. Can't wait to see who's replacing her and why. I liked the drawings she did of Korra, but maybe time restraints have caused her to step down? (JUST a theory on my part; I don't know why)

Discuss! :D
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Just some tidbits from today's panel:

*Part 1 of North and South is on next week's best seller's list, part 2 coming January 25th & part 3 coming April 26th (bookstore dates; comic shops get graphic novels 13 days beforehand).

*No mention of whether or not there will be any more Avatar comics, but Korra comics coming in June 2017.

*Avatar coloring book and Korra poster collection out now. Korra coloring book coming July 2017.

*No true answer about why the delay happened with the Korra comics or why Irene Koh is now the artist and not Brittney Williams, but they insisted that they care.

*Korra comics villain will be a woman.

*Fan question: "Are Korra and Asami going to kiss?" Answer : "I think we can do that."

*Dark Horse Comics is taking fan suggestions for future stories for the Korra comics. :)

*Varrick and Zhu Li will appear in the Korra comics.



Discuss! :)
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