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Author Topic: What Killed It For You?  (Read 524 times)

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What Killed It For You?
« on: August 02, 2015, 12:16:12 AM »
- When people use me and my hobbies as their memes behind my back and I know it

- When I hear a song that reminds me of an old crush and just things in general

- When I repeat songs and words/gibberish out loud yet some of it is enjoyable

- When someone was hard on me and I use that to remind myself I'm worthless of what I said that was just ignorant of me and never think of anything the same again and it killed the TV show for me or anything that is entertainment


I live and learn but jump back up again. ^^

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Re: What Killed It For You?
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2015, 09:33:05 AM »
Being in a fan base where the artist doesn't seem to care about her own career anymore, because she would rather run off and make babies with some rapper who eventually cheated on her after his 385643978th child was born. But, it's also made worse when the people in the record label are a bunch of useless imbeciles who don't do their job. It puts me off because it's all the fans talk about and they also forgot the artist's career. I hate gossip and most of the fans, too.

I don't get attached to that sort of thing, anymore. These days, you'll only see me getting along with the Azula fandom. Azula has own fandom that can be separate from Avatar. I still love Avatar, of course. I call our fandom on Tumblr, "The Blue Lotus". xD

I get put off a lot of things and sometimes it only takes one rude person to put me off. I got annoyed with what someone said the other night, after a multiplayer game. Like, why play against me if you know my playing is $#**house and that I'm "unbelievable annoying"?! *Roll Eyes*

That's the only multiplayer that I've played. I still enjoy it, but I'll just play with someone else and give that other person the cold and subtle sarcasm treatment. I'm still new to it, but I did better last night.


This was kind of a rant... xD

EDIT: I deleted that person tonight, because she (I'm assuming by the name...)/he did it again and I wasn't going to put up with their $#**! I'm not put off playing it, though and I'll just play against others on my list.
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