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Author Topic: How do you name your ATLA/LOK OC's?  (Read 955 times)

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How do you name your ATLA/LOK OC's?
« on: April 30, 2015, 02:20:00 AM »
When I name my OC's, either first or last names, in Avatar fanfics, I have specific rules for nationalities.

Fire Nation: Mostly Japanese, but I also do the occasional Chinese and Vietnamese names.

Earth Kingdom: Chinese and Korean only. For Suki, I made her last name "Kim". Suki Kim, it rolls off the tongue nicely.

Air Nomads: Tibetan, Nepalese, or Indian, but I could never come up with a suitable last name for Aang. Hell, I could use a recommendation. Preferably Tibetan.

Water Tribe: Inuit or Native American and all my Water Tribe names contain the letter K in them. However, I read that Inuits don't do last names, so I just stick with first.

Though I usually have a "get the culture right" policy, I don't do the East Asian thing of having the family name come first (e.g I would have Lin's full name as Lin Bei-Fong, rather than Bei-Fong Lin like they'd do in China).
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Re: How do you name your ATLA/LOK OC's?
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2015, 04:19:45 AM »
Tibet doesn't really use the last name system either, it's quite a western one. It tends to be reserved for aristocracy and other highly influential family lines. Toph has a last name purely because the Bei Fongs are an important family. Katara and Sokka could have last names, as their father is Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and they might have an ancestral leader whose single name would be used as the family surname, but unless Aang is of royal blood, Tibetan culture would commonly give him no last name. However, aristocratic surnames always end with 'tsang' meaning 'from the household of'. So, considering Monk Gyatso is a member of the Nomad Council, if Aang did have a last name, it would likely incorporate his mentor/paternal figure.

Making Aang's full (aristocratic) name Aang Gyatsang.

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Re: How do you name your ATLA/LOK OC's?
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2015, 10:06:19 AM »
I don't worry about last names, but I always wondered what the Fire Royals last name was... I've created a few OC's and I was going to post in the other thread, but I still can't decide on some of their details. I've changed a few things.

For my Air Nomad OC Sangmu, I found that name easily on a site with Tibetan names. My Earth Kingdom OC Jingji has a simple name from Chinese that means "Thorns". I didn't look for baby names when creating her. I liked the way "Jingji" sounded, anyway. Her Earthbending is unique and can form rocks in the shape of thorny formations.

Inuit names were hard for me to find when trying to create a character for my planned Azula fics. I thought of doing a unique name that didn't quite fit their cultures, like how Ursa's name is Roman. I wanted an Icelandic/Nordic name. She wasn't a major OC and only apart of a plot to a fic I haven't really continued, yet.

I did create another OC, the other night. Her name is "Sumire" which is "Violet" in Japanese. She came to mind as a Fire Nation Princess in the time of Avatar Yangchen, when writing one of my usual Azula headcanons/AU's. You can find more about her in my Violet Dragon tag on Tumblr.

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