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Author Topic: Do you want more of Korra & the avatar universe?  (Read 373 times)

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Do you want more of Korra & the avatar universe?
« on: December 23, 2014, 03:54:06 AM »
Alright guys I really don't know what to do after the end of korra series. ATLA & LOK have became a part of my life , and with its ending i felt like a part of me died.I really don't know how to describe my feeling about ending of korra. Usually I watch some show and cover them within few weeks, so I don't really don't spend lot of time with them.But with ATLA & LOK i grew up with them.They made my childhood.As i saw it ending, I knew I'm going to miss her & avatar series forever.
Ending of korra is really mesmerizing & i can not take it out from my head. Every goddamn time i think about it,i just see Korra & Asami holding hand and staring at each other. This ending was satisfying & I couldn't have asked for better. I do wanna know more about korra, but i think expanding of this series (either by means of comics or show) would ruin the perfect ending of the whole Avatar series. A GREAT SHOW MUST HAVE GREAT ENDING. I mean with this end creator had made it possible to leave us with countless imagination (*For example what would prince Wu do in future, hmmmm tough one right).And in my opinion even if I want to know more about korra or want series about new Avatar,it will only diminish the powerful ending of AVATAR series. I mean korra had brought the balance to the world by creating air benders, bringing spirit world and human world together & finally bringing peace in the world & openly excepting her love towards Asami. What new challanges whould be in front of new avatar.Since Earth kingdom finally became democratic, in near future other countries might choose the same & then game over. No job left for Avatar except fighting coruption and roberry.(Although it will be interesting seeing Avatar as the hero, the world deserves but not the one it needs).
Every good things must come to an end. Unfortunately the avatar world will not be expanding any more but its memories & its characters & what they really means in our life will be alive forever.

Have I gone really sentimetal over the ending.(To be honest i did cry at the korra ending as soon as Asami appeared to make an excuse to make tenzin go away. I guess by this time my horses were running wild).Is it just me or do you guys feel the same way.What do you guys think about it, Do you want more or do you also want to end it with powerful ending?
Hey those are waiting for something new, Comic "Smoke & shadow"  is on its way.
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