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Author Topic: Nirvana - A Waava Fanfic by Jeff Saber, Part 1  (Read 733 times)

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Nirvana - A Waava Fanfic by Jeff Saber, Part 1
« on: January 23, 2014, 09:00:00 PM »
Hi, guys! This is the very first material that I have posted on such a huge fanbase.

And apparently, this is the very first thing that I write about after 2 years of hiatus as an amateur writer...

Anyway, hope you guys like this thing I made :)

Title: Nirvana
Author: Jeff Saber
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Even after sixteen years since the sealing of Vaatu inside the Tree of Time, things still got a little messed up.

Nirvana, Part 1 (click to show/hide)

9813 BSC.

Cheerful sounds echo from the open grounds of a lion turtle city.

"Come on, Lao, Hurry up! You're gonna miss the show!"
A joyous chuckle accompanied by a playful tug on Lao Chou, the youngest son of the eldest Chou brother, made him complain to his gal friend.
"Oh, come on, Nir! Don't be so excited about this... charade your father got years ago."

"Don't call me that, Lao... You always make me sound like I have a guy's name."
The girl hopped above a low wall and managed to help Lao up to catch up to her.
"And don't ever call what my father does a charade."

Finally, they get to the plaza.


In the middle of the plaza was a blackish-brown long-haired man dressed in inelegant garbs, with a red scarf around his neck, performing tricks using the four elements.

"Nirvana! Glad you made it... Oh, hey! You brought your cootie bunch, too."

"Stop it, dad! It's embarrassing, you know..."

"Humph, denial queen," said Lao.

"You know that we know how you feel about Lao, Nirvana. Don't make it so that you'll get embarrassed all the time."

Nirvana's face brimmed with redness that she almost exploded in embarrassment.

As the show ended by dusk, Lao was invited to have dinner with Nirvana's family. As customary in their lion turtle city, as one is invited, so is their parent, whoever he/she chooses.

Things got really awkward at Nirvana's house, as her father was branded as Lao's father's number one enemy.



Tension rose between the two dads as their children wonder what will happen next.

A shimmer of light emanated from the kitchen as a woman exited into the dining room.

"Whatever you two are thinking about right now, stop it, at once."

As the woman shouted her command at the two gentlemen, an even brighter shimmer of light emanated from her.

"Okay, Raava, we're not fighting anymore. Just look at us," Wan fearfully assured the woman.

"Yeah, yeah. But you know, I really still can't believe it, even after all these years," Lao's father continued, "I mean, your wife's a Spirit! Not just any Spirit, but the Light Spirit!"

The light spirit sat between Wan and Nirvana and sipped some tea.
"Considering Wan taught me more about your kind back then, I would've thought about vaporizing you this instant."

"Exact- Wait, what, mom?!"

"Yes, you heard your mother, Nir, my dear," Wan sarcastically added, "Everything would be different if it weren't for that WAN time."

"Enough of this nonsense and let's commence our feast," Raava said as she blushed, remembering that one time Wan changed her perspective of humanity forever, and embarrassed of how her husband made use of his name as a pun once again.

Some time later, while Wan, Raava and Lao's father were talking on the dining table, Nirvana and Lao went outside for a little breather. She noticed that the stars were somewhat following her every move, as if she was... an all-powerful spirit.

"Lao," Nirvana asked, "You don't really mind it, do you?"

Lao Chou became startled at how Nirvana asked him.
"Mind what? You being half-human, half-spirit? Oh, goodness, no!"

"I mean, it would be troublesome if that half-spirit part ruined our future."
"What are you talking about, Nir? Don't get into a bad mood tonight. It's your birthday, after all."

Yes, it's my birthday, but...

"Nir, dearest," Raava calls out from inside their house, "It's past midnight. Don't you want to sleep?"

"It's okay, mom," Nirvana replied politely, "Can Lao stay over?"

Upon hearing her request, Wan and Lao's father simultaneously, and angrily replied, "No!"

Lao, Raava, and Nirvana chuckled cheerfully.

Unbeknownst to the three men in the house, the light spirit and her daughter felt something odd that night.

Meanwhile, inside the Chou Estate, the other two brothers conspire against their "changed" eldest brother.

"You know," said the youngest, "Big brother hasn't been himself for, like, sixteen years now. I hope that Wan guy hasn't gotten into him."

"You know what, bro," the second brother replied, "Maybe he didn't grasp the teachings father imparted unto us when we were young. He's not a real Chou. He must be that traitorous to trust that thief."

"A traitor within your own family?"
A dark, shadowy voice echoed its presence within the walls of the Estate. "If you want to dispose of him, then dispose of everyone in your midst. They all think alike now. There is no hope in making them go back. They have been blinded by the light."


Nirvana had awakened as if she had a terrible nightmare.

She then went out of her room to get some milk from the kitchen.

"Nir," Raava said with surprise as she saw her daughter wide awake, "Trying to eat the night away, aren't we?"

"Yes, mom," Nirvana replied as she got a cup of milk, "I can't sleep well, actually."

"Is it because of the snoring your father makes?"

Nirvana and Raava had restrained laughs.

"No, mom, it's not like dad to wake me up with his snores or anything."

Believe me, mom, it's something else.



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