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Author Topic: Episodes 318/319/320/321: Sozin's Comet  (Read 749 times)

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Episodes 318/319/320/321: Sozin's Comet
« on: August 04, 2013, 02:21:27 AM »
What a great way to end the series. I remember when I first watched it in 2008. I was entranced by it and was like, "How could I have overlooked this great show!" Anyway it seems like Doug is doing the episodes separately so I'll just give my two cents.

The Phoenix King: Serves as a good beginning. Gotta feel for Aang, who never struck down any of his enemies and only had to use violence for self defense. This one had some funny scenes like Sokka's Suki sand sculpture (try saying that three time fast) and Katara and Suki's reaction to seeing Actress Aang. Ozai's plan was not very original but if it's evil Mark Hamill, it's badass. I like the Phoenix King armor.

The Old Masters: One of the best scenes in the show; Zuko and Iroh reuniting. You kinda know that Iroh knows that Zuko had reformed but he still wanted Zuko to admit he was wrong. The rest of the scenes were good too like the previous Avatars telling Aang he'd have to do whatever it takes to defeat Ozai.

Into the Inferno: Epic is all I can say. First with Azula's mental decline, you feel for her here. She is truly a product of her time. Ozai successfully turned her into a living intelligent weapon that lost her ability to use fear to intimidate others. That part where she hallucinates about Ursa was really sad. Now for the fight scenes: The comet-enchanced bending was just badass. Also awesome duel between Aang and Ozai, just awesome. The final Agni Kai... holy crap, that was some of the most beautiful, breathtaking animation I've ever seen. That it what made me close my laptop and just focus on the TV for the rest of the episode.

Avatar Aang: Sokka, Toph, and Suki taking down the air fleet was awesome. Azula's defeat could have been done better. It was way too convenient to have a chain hanging on that pillar. Ozai's defeat was awesome though. Removing his powers and rendering him useless instead of killing him, I haven't seen that done in anything else. I just wish there was more buildup to the energybending thing. The Maiko reconciliation and Zuko's coronation I liked. As for Ursa's whereabouts, was it really necessary to wait so many years and even after a whole new series began not tell us what happened without having to pay for comic books that are rather mediocre? Finally, the last scenes in the teashop. In classic Avatar style, we have the Gaang and friends joking and Toph was awesome enough to get the final line in the show. Very nice that it ended with the Kataang kiss. No need for dialogue or "I love you", just the hug and kiss were strong enough.

I really hope DW does a Korra vlog after this. I think he'd like it.

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Re: Episodes 318/319/320/321: Sozin's Comet
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2014, 07:31:17 PM »
These last four episodes are simply A-MA-ZING!!!
Like all battle scenes in the Avatar universe, te episodes had everything I needed, Aang vs. Ozai, Zuko vs. Azula... Generally everything!!
The ending was also very sweet!! :3



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