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Author Topic: In regards to Spoilers (Please read)  (Read 1313 times)

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In regards to Spoilers (Please read)
« on: July 24, 2013, 05:07:29 AM »
With the upcoming release of Book 3, there are bound to be spoilers. At TKC, we wish to remain cognizant of those who want to avoid this early material and wait for the premiere. With that said, we've created a special Spoiler board for Korra located here!

We humbly ask that everyone wishing to share spoilers or engage in conversation that involves spoilers do so on the spoiler board. If you elect to post topics in this section, it is a requirement that each thread be explicitly labeled with "SPOILER:" before the subject line. In addition, do not include any actual spoilers within the subject's title; reserve that material for inside the thread itself. This board will not be visible to guests, so you must be logged in to view posts contained within.

If you wish to ignore this board entirely, we understand and have definitely taken you into consideration. Whether it be the fear of accidentally clicking a thread and gatching glimpse of something or just temptation itself, TKC has you covered.

If you go to your Profile, there are several settings to your left. Under the Modify Profile heading, click Ignore Boards Options. By bringing up this page, you will see checkboxes for all the boards you have access to on TKC. The Spoiler board is Located under the Air Temple Island section beneath the Legend of Korra. Simply click the "Spoilers" checkbox and press the "Change Profile" button! Ta-da! The Spoiler board is now out of sight and out of mind. ;) You can also make the board visible again by going through the same process and un-checking it at a later time if you wish!

If you catch any posts that are plainly spoilers outside their designated area, report the post or contact a moderator immediately so we can move it to the proper location. We realize that mistakes can be made, so don't worry if something gets moved - we're simply keeping things organized and paying respect to our members. :)

Thank you so much for your cooperation!



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