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Keep in mind that this is shipping discussion, not art-dump threads, guys. If you have some artwork you wanna share, please take it over to the Fan Art board. If it's good enough to be posted, it deserves to be properly shared so it's credited.

Author Topic: Shipping Board Guidlines  (Read 731 times)

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Shipping Board Guidlines
« on: November 30, 2012, 12:01:40 AM »
Greeting, Avatards! Here at TKC, we believe in the freedom for everyone to support any ship they so desire. Thus, you are welcome to discuss any ship you wish on our forum: canon, fanon, crack, etc. However, depending on this ship, this might not be the board to discuss it on. Please read the following rules thoroughly so you know which discussions can be held here, and which should be taken elsewhere.

Here are the guidelines for shipping discussion:
  • No hating. It's pretty simple: no bashing; no judging someone for their shipping preferences; accept people no matter their ship because we all have our logical explanations of why we ship who we ship.
  • Most ships are fair game on this board, but not all. You may ship whoever you want with whomever you want, but certain ships shouldn't be discussed on this board. Ships with significant age difference, as well as any straight or slash ship are fair game for discussion on these boards so long as the general guidelines are followed. No shipping thread on this board should exceed a T-rating. Any content that our forum-wide rules consider inappropriate is not tolerated. Instead, if your discussion is becoming borderline or you just want to kick it off with more risquÚ discussion, start a new thread on our Mature Avatar Board (Please note you must apply for access to this section and meet the specified criteria.)
    Ships that are banned on this board: incest, OT3s, and adult/child relationships. Both incest and OT3s may be discussed on the mature board, however, adult/child relationships have a forum-wide ban. We do not hold to the standard 'must be 18' philosophy, but young children (I.E. Meelo) shipped with adults is not allowed at all.
  • Consider the context of what you write. While constructive debates are allowed and encouraged, be careful in attacking the other personĺs argument that you do not attack the other person. That will not be tolerated. It is fully up to the discretion of the moderators to determine when personal arguments have gone too far, so when a mod brings an issue to it, please abide by what they say even if you disagree.
  • Stay on topic and do not spam other threads. Pretty simple. If you go to the Tenma thread, for example, don't spam it with Linzin art. While it's okay to compare and contrast ships, the content of each thread should revolve around the ship. Additionally, please remember that discussion threads are NOT art dump threads. If you'd like to share art work pertaining to a ship please do so in the appropriate art boards.

The breaking of these rules will not be tolerated. Shipping discussion is almost exclusively the source of drama amongst the Avatar community. If any of these rules are broken you will be automatically issued an official warning a possibly banned for a period of time determined by the forum moderators and administrators.

Most of this is self-explanatory, easy to follow, and if you've been in the shipping business before, you know the deal. Just be nice. It's that simple. ;) With that being said, roam the seas as you like!

Enjoy Shipping!



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