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Author Topic: IMMUNE - Chapter I: Outbreak  (Read 641 times)

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IMMUNE - Chapter I: Outbreak
« on: March 15, 2013, 06:57:58 PM »

Chapter I: Outbreak
A Zombie Apocalypse RP


May 14, 2014. A massive cruiseline is setting off from Hawaii, heading back to the mainland. The world is at peace, the sunlight glistening off the surface of the water. Roughly 3,000 people are aboard the ship, unaware of what new intoxicant is wafting through the air and spreading throughout the world.

"Thank you for joining us this evening; if you're just tuning in we have some breaking news that there has been a recent outbreak of an unkown disease in multiple cities across the nation causing the fatality count to move up to eleven now." Static was fading in as the words began to become difficult to make out. It was a radio was sitting on the metal countertop in the back of the kitchen as a few cruiseline crew members were cleaning dishes. The radio was picking up the fading signal of a news station back in Hawaii, but it was quickly fading away as the ship continued on it's course. "Doctors have not been able to identify the strange disease yet, but from reports it appears that those who are effected by it become violent and mentally ill. Certainly more details are to come soon, and you'll be the first to know. We'll be back after the weather on KHVM." Someone clicked the radio off.

"Just a bunch of garbage. Media-hogs wanting attention," a short, rather plump lady in an apron said.

"Matilda, don't be so heartless," a younger girl responded. Her name tag read Susy. "What if it's true and there really are victims?"

"Nonsense, people getting violent is not new," Matilda interjected, continuing to circle a plate with her rag.

"Turn it back on, I want to hear!"

"Fine," The fat woman answered with a sigh, turning the radio back on.

"...when it should warm up to the low 80s for the rest of the afternoon. Now we return to Matt and Emily, with some more news on the recent virus outbreak." Static began to corrupt the message.

"Thank you, Damien. Well it looks like the Center for Disease Contr...allenge on their hands as t...ll rises to 14 this even.....ims seem to lose th...start attacking oth...them. Some repor...s far as biting oth..."

"You can't understand that," butted in Matilda as Susy had huddled over the radio with the one other crew member in the kitchen. "You need to get to work."
As Matilda was walking towards the two dish washers a young man dressed up in a formal tie and vest waltzed in with a smile, holding a huge stack of a couple dozen dirty plates. "How's is going in the kitchen tonight, girls?" he burst in enthusiastically and with a smile, obviously his first trip into the kitchen that evening as he had just begun the night shift.

"Hi Calvin, just drop them right there," Susy said, smiling back as she waved towards the sink. "Hey, have you heard about this disease going around?"



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