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Author Topic: The Korra Connection Apartment - Planning Thread - Open Applications  (Read 670 times)

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So, had this idea for an apartment house that basically describes all of us, It'll be like the old family tree things back in the old KF forum. So here's the basis

Joseph Cox, 21 years old, was posting flyers for new roommates in his apartment, he noticed people were already looking at the other flyers

So here's the application


So that's pretty much it, I figure we'll work out most of it when we get people in here, so I'll make the first app
Also, this Rp can come to romantic relationships, it all depends on you people.
Name:Joseph Cox
      Occupation:Professional Wrestler - Wrestling Name: Double Russia
       Backstory:Growing up in Reno, Nevada, Joey always had a bit of trouble being socially acceptable, outlawed by his classmates at an early age, plus coupled with ADHD and a drunken sister. Joey when he came into high school got into pro wrestling and became straight edge, now he is in college, looking to break into the WWE and looking for some roommates
-Willing to help friends
-Absolutely hates alcohol and will be angered at it's presence.
-is 6'2", big and smart.

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