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Author Topic: Valse Château  (Read 3941 times)

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Valse Château
« on: November 20, 2012, 06:30:21 AM »

Valse Château
An ongoing ball RP
Opening soon

"We waltzed wherever walls weren't~"

Planning thread


And behold, a grand set of french doors, magnificent in size and obscene in investment opens before you. "Welcome to Valse Château! May I see your invitation?" greets a lanky butler of excessive height. Upon seeing your invitation, he opens the door widely, extending his arm with a pleasant smile. "Right this way," he welcomes, closing the door behind you as you walk in. Through the elaborate hallways he laesd you, and with each step, the sound of ballroom music, that was faint at first entrance, grows fuller and more resonant. Finally, the butler turns a corner, leading you into the main ballroom. Observing the festivity, you discover an orchestra playing a soft and beautiful melody that extends across the room. Noblemen and Ladies are dispersed across the massive floor. Familiar faces areas abundant as the food offered, and the possibilities for new acquaintances are endless. It was at this point you notice someone peeking his head high above and over his group of people whom he is talking to and looks your direction. His face lights up, and he excuses himself to join you.

"Greetings and welcome!" begins a youthful, cheery man. He is dressed in a tuxedo with lavish rings across his hands, but instead of a standard black and white appearance, he has an outstanding vibrancy on his chest. His tux is accompanied by a red tie and handkerchief. Looking down at his feet, you can't help but notice a matching pair of shoes: royal red converse of classy taste. "I'm so glad you could make it! Come on, I'd like to introduce you to some people..."

As the conversations go on, the master of the house politely excuses himself to continue mingling with the rest of the crowd, leaving you to the rest of the party; and thus begins your experience at the one and only endless formal ball...
Valse Château.


Welcome! This is your grand tour of Valse Château. All the details of the ball are found in this section.

architecture and Layout~
(click to show/hide)For a gallery of photos of Valse Château, please visit our museum. We also offer a full, 2- and 3-D tour experience.
(click to show/hide)We have live music by our full-time staffed orchestra which is also live-streamed throughout the mansion. Below is a list of musical pieces they know and play during the ball. Please have a song from the list streaming at all times while viewing this thread for the full experience.
    Full Orchestral Main Piece Performances
    Partial Orchestra (solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet, etc.) Piece Performances
    Full Orchestral Suites and Secondary Generic Background Accompaniment
    Please feel free to bring your own records for the record player, or an orchestral piece in paper for our live orchestra to play. Simply go to the planning thread and request a song to be added to the official tracklist.

    (click to show/hide)Snacks, appetizers, and meals are prepared by our wonderful kitchen chefs, and served by our loyal butlers Sebastian Michaelis and Claude Faustus.

    For a list of foods we offer, please see our menu. Please simply take a table when you are ready, and a butler will be with you soon.

    (click to show/hide)We ask that all guests who would like to attend first pick out a fitting formal outfit from our wardrobe. We boast a large array of all styles, sizes, and colors in our own personal wardrobe outside the main gate, and a changing room is available as well. If you're having difficulty choosing, feel free to inquire a second opinion from our fashion consultants. They have years of experience.

    For our wardrobe, please visit the Planning Thread.


    All information not directly related to the setting of the RP is below.

    who may join~
    (click to show/hide)This is an ongoing RP (meaning it has no planned end) that ANYONE is more than welcome to join. However, please visit our planning thread before joining in to register by following the directions in the topic post. Please do not participate before registering and receiving an invitation.

    (click to show/hide)Rules for RPing:
    ~Make sure to register before joining.
    ~Use proper English. This is a formal ballroom RP. Write like it.
    ~Put all OOC info in block tags, preferably labeled 'OOC.'
    ~Do not excessively control other people without their consent.
    ~Do not react angrily if things don't go your way.
    ~Don't interrupt a flowing storyline, but rather accompany it or smoothly start a B-plot.
    ~Don't drink and drive.

    Full rules may be found in the Planning Thread.

    (click to show/hide)Below is a list of all characters registered for the ball. Please see the planning thread to register.

    master caleb~
    Official Title: Master Caleb Capitis
    Played by: Glitch
    Relationships: Engaged to (sachianna's character here).
    Appearance: Youthful, tanned caucasian with short and fuzzy brown hair, hazel eyes leaning towards green. Medium weight, not TOO skinny, but not fat either. Always wears converse and vibrant colors.
    Attire: Coming soon.

    (click to show/hide)I got the idea by just randomly being dumb in the chat. I started RPing a professional waltzer and felt awesome and it just bloomed into this. Archive of the beginning:
    Quote (selected)
    [19|Nov 09:29 PM]:WaterLady rolls around
    Glitch [19|Nov 09:29 PM]:NOVEL MODE ACTIVATE
    Glitch [19|Nov 09:30 PM]:As Gentleman Caleb gracefully waltzes around in practice after his legendarily outstanding waltz with Lady Divs, he plays back the scene in his head, dancing with the ghost that stands in his arms. The music builds, and he closes his eyes as he is lost in his 1-2-3, step-side-together pattern.
    Glitch [19|Nov 09:31 PM]:Then suddenly, he is interrupted... on beat two, his foot hits a slightly mushy substance, and by the time he was able to comprehend what was happening, he found himself on the floor, tripped and fallen by what could be none other than a WaterLady rolling around!
    Glitch [19|Nov 09:33 PM]:"Why artst thou here?!" Proclaimed Caleb with a grin as he rose, offering a hand to the Lady Water, waiting for a response.
    Glitch [19|Nov 09:37 PM]:Glitch stared at the blank and empty appearing face of the Lady Water as she sat staring, not speaking a word. "Dear heavens, couldst you be ill this fine evening? You haven't spoken a word since our encounter!"
    Glitch [19|Nov 09:47 PM]:The awkward blankness continues.
    Glitch [19|Nov 09:48 PM]:Caleb looked away for just a moment, being impolitely distracted by something else, however, when he turned his head back, the Lady of Water had vanished. "Perhaps she retired for the night," he inquired of himself, the resumed dancing with his ghostly partner.
    WaterLady [19|Nov 10:05 PM]:what xD
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:06 PM]:Caleb trips and falls again, repeats everything, and arrives back at:
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:06 PM]:"Why artst thou here?!" Proclaimed Caleb with a grin as he rose, offering a hand to the Lady Water, waiting for a response.
    WaterLady [19|Nov 10:11 PM]:thank you :3 I'm just checking in on things xD
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:12 PM]:"Would you care for a dance before you return to your quarters, madame?" inquired the Glitchmeister.
    WaterLady [19|Nov 10:13 PM]:i'm not a good dancer xD but sure, i can try :3
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:14 PM]:Master Glitch strolled over to the record player where he reset the record. He clapped three times, demonstrating the beat, and then the music began. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K...-C-CyU
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:15 PM]:Glitch walked in beat towards the Lady of Water, extending a hand when he came close. "The basic waltz, my lady. Follow me."
    WaterLady [19|Nov 10:15 PM]:why thank you :3
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:16 PM]:"Ready, and.... 1, 2, 3-- 1, 2, 3-- step, side, together-- step side together--"
    [19|Nov 10:16 PM]:WaterLady tries not to trip xDGlitch
    [19|Nov 10:17 PM]:The waltzing couple took a twist-up or two here and there, but by the end of the song, the two were waltzing wherever walls weren't~Glitch [19|Nov 10:18 PM]:(That's good alliteration!)WaterLady
    [19|Nov 10:18 PM]:(indeed) XD
    [19|Nov 10:18 PM]:WaterLady enjoys the dance :3Glitch
    [19|Nov 10:19 PM]:The ending cue approached, and Glitch grasped the Lady of Water's hand firmly but in a way different than he had been the rest of the dance. He was trying to signal something to her... but would she understand?
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:19 PM]:(TAKE IT AWAY!)
    WaterLady [19|Nov 10:23 PM]:(actually I dont get itXD)
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:26 PM]:Glitch, upon realizing that his partner hadn't had enough experience to read his body laguage, forcefully but gentlemanly and kindly pulled the Lady's hand above their heads to their full arm's extention as the final cue of the music arrive; he then twisted his hand to spin his partner in a half circle around him, but kept his feet surrounding her's. For a moment her face showed panic as she twisted but her feet stayed in one place, and she began to fall downwards, shocked!
    [19|Nov 10:27 PM]:WaterLady is panicked at first but realizes what is happening and allows herself to be dipped :o (right? xD)
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:28 PM]:Time slowed in her mind as she watched her frontal vision climb the wall until all she saw was the ceiling; she braced herself for the impact of the tile, but then, all in the exact same intance, two amazing things happened! The music hit it's final note, and the Glitchmeister caught her right before she hit the ground in an amazingly FREAKING EPIC DIP
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:28 PM]:YES YOU GOT IT
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:28 PM]:-CELEBRATES-
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:28 PM]::D :D :D hahahaha that was too fun
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:28 PM]:I think I'm going to start a thread in the members hangouts just for a constant ball
    divsalley [19|Nov 10:30 PM]::)
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:30 PM]:Divs! I had an epic dance with WaterLady too!
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:30 PM]:In NOVEL FORMAT
    WaterLady [19|Nov 10:31 PM]:yay!
    WaterLady [19|Nov 10:31 PM]:we should have a classy dance party thread XD
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:31 PM]:I am starting one. It's decided.
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:31 PM]:And it will be in a mansion and I will wear a tux.
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:32 PM]:And I will give dance lessons. And the Ocean Waltz will be the theme. And out butler will be Sebastian Michaelis.
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:32 PM]:our*
    WaterLady [19|Nov 10:32 PM]:nice
    divsalley [19|Nov 10:36 PM]:COOL!
    divsalley [19|Nov 10:36 PM]::D
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:37 PM]:Butler: Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler. Music: Ocean Waltz from Pokemon. Wardrobes: Lo and Li from Avatar.
    Glitch [19|Nov 10:37 PM]:HAHAHAHAHAHA


    The first dance is reserved for me and mah beloved betrothed. Guests are welcome to join the party and even show up early during construction, but please do not begin the festivities before I formally announce them, give a speech, and begin them with an opening dance.[/list]
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