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Author Topic: Share what you got from your secret santa!  (Read 4033 times)

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Share what you got from your secret santa!
« on: December 26, 2012, 03:53:00 AM »
wow has nobody made a topic for this yet? i'm actually really surprised

seriously do it share people go go go

i got this amazing thing

super cool secret santa gift (click to show/hide)

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2012, 04:14:34 AM »
Go ahead and share, you guys. Have fun!

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2012, 06:49:45 AM »
Looks awesome, Tsu! I'm still waiting for mine

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
« Reply #3 on: December 26, 2012, 06:54:33 AM »

i got this amazing espeon drawing <3

Espeon icons by Secrets

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
« Reply #4 on: December 26, 2012, 07:08:07 AM »
Thanks, Secret Santa

Secret Santa Gift for Lionheart Title: “The Gift of Healing” (T – violence, gore, canon couple romance)
Author: Sorry not tellin’! Secret Santa…
Summary:  College grad students Aang and Katara learn that Sokka has been terribly wounded in combat in two different worlds at the Winter Solstice of one world and Christmas in the other. Their friends at the University and across the world rally to support their friend Sokka, with some unexpected help from a greater force.

The Gift of Healing
(click to show/hide)Aang and Katara were snuggled in their bed in their Air Temple Island residence. Their two kids were asleep and they were ready for some much needed intimate fun together.  But as they drew one another close, a messenger hawk alighted on the open window interrupting the soothing cool Yue Bay breezes. He screeched at the couple, denoting a real sense of urgency.

Aang let go of Katara and climbed out of their bed. Katara admired her husband’s body, and expected that he’d be right back with her soon, but her attention was torn away from his taut body to the terrible words he was reading.

Aang read with deadly seriousness, “It’s from Suki.  She’s frantic.  Sokka’s been injured in the fight south of the City with the insurrectionists.”

Katara sat ramrod straight up in bed, not caring that the covers fell from her.

Aang would have ordinarily noticed Katara’s beautiful figure but their lovemaking was forgotten in the extreme worry over his best friend and wife’s brother.

Aang said gravely, “He was injured by an insurrectionist bomb on the outskirts of the City.”

Aang continued to read silently, and only managed a weak, “Oh dear, no!”

Katara stood next to him, and put she put her arms around him, “Read it Aang. I can take it.”

Aang cleared his throat and read, “The bomb has damaged and nearly severed his right leg and arm. They’ve suppressed the bleeding but he might lose both.”

She began to sob uncontrollably.

Both realized the consequences of a warrior losing his mobility and his sword-wielding arm.  Sokka was old-fashioned enough to think of himself less of a man if he would.  Suki would love him no matter what. As would everyone.  But life would be hard for Sokka going forward. War hero or not.

Katara pulled herself together, and ordered, “Aang get dressed.  Right now. Maybe I can help.”

Aang moved quickly, “Exactly what I was thinking.”

They flew off on Appa in only a few minutes, and looked for the Republic Forces’ camp. The battle was so close to the populated areas of Republic City. The insurrectionists were determined, fierce, and ruthless.  Hidden bombs were a favorite tactic, with hidden tripwires that inflicted terrible death and damage to the elite warriors of the Republic.

When they alighted in camp, they were met by the garrison commander The Duke.  While they rushed to the field hospital, he talked to them, to brace them for what they were about to see.

“I am sorry Master Katara and Avatar Aang. We went out and almost had the insurrection leaders intercepted, but they led us into a trap. Sokka was on point. He got the worst of it.”

Aang demanded, “What is the situation here, The Duke?”

“We have them cornered in the canyons.  Once Zuko’s armada gets here, we’ll use the fire bombs from the trebuchets on the ships to finish them.”

Aang was concerned about Katara, “Are we safe?”

“As safe as we can get it,” Avatar Aang.

Aang wished the fight had finished before this tragedy that had befallen his best friend.

“Right this way Master Katara. It’s not pretty,” and he peeled back the tent flap.

“Oh no,” Katara exclaimed when they saw Sokka.

There was blood everywhere as she saw the piles of bandages need to staunch his bleeding. He was unconscious and dreadfully pale.  Aang had to steady Katara at the sight of her terribly injured brother. He thought, “who is going to steady me?”

Sokka’s limbs were barely attached, horribly torn and burned.

Suki held his limp undamaged hand. Tear tracks smeared her normally perfect Kyoshi Warrior makeup.

Police Lieutenant Toph stood closely by, “Aang and Katara, thank goodness you are here. It’s pretty bad.”

“Is he…?” Katara shuddered.

“No, he’s alive, and can survive this, but he won’t be the same again.”

“I know that!” snapped Katara.

“I’m sorry, Katara.”

“I know Toph, I am…not myself right now.”

“Can you fix him, Katara?”

“I sure hope so.  This is… this is really bad.” Katara shook her head.

Nonetheless, Katara steeled herself from her emotions. She barked to the combat healers, “I need water and I need it now!”

“Yes Master Katara.”

Her healing powers were legendary. If anyone could save Councilman – temporarily Warrior again - Sokka, she could do it. They placed bandages, surgical sewing materials, and a bowl  of sterile water next to her.

She looked at her husband, and pleaded, “Aang, I need a prayer.”

Immediately Aang dropped to a knee, and offered, “Dear Spirits, please guide Katara’s work to save her brother and my friend.”

For emphasis Katara begged in her prayer, “Please dear spirits, be with me. Guide my hands and heart.”

Aang continued silently, but as he opened his his eyes, his world turned instantly white, and he thought, “A bomb in camp! No!”

And just as fast, his world turned black.

Aang and Katara woke.  They were in bed.  A strange bed. They were completely undressed, and wrapped up in each other. It was clear what they’d been doing.

The furnishings around them were very strange, and very simple. A dark rectangular box with lots of wires was at the foot of the bed.

They were both completely disoriented, and Katara asked, “Aang? Where are we?”

“I don’t know,” he said flatly.

“We were at the field hospital and then…”

“I think a bomb exploded next to us, Katara.”

She was fearful, “Would that make us…?”

“No I don’t think so.  My past lives are saying we aren’t dead. This is something…different.”

As Aang looked around, things looked more familiar, “Katara, I think I know now.”

“So where are we, then?”

“Remember that strange trip to an advanced world?”

She smiled sweetly, “How can I forget that? It all came rushing back to me on the Summer Palace beach the moment I saw the engagement ring.”

“I think we’re back there.”

Her eyes grew wide. He was right. Aang looked out the window. Electric lights were blazing on the street, and the parking lot was full of cars. A few people in the modern clothes strolled on the sidewalk The sign outside the room they were in was lettered, “Married Student Housing”.

He flipped on what he remembered was a light in their room.  From the looks of the clothes strewn about they had a very fun time prior to getting into bed.  He remembered the big box was a TV.  As he looked around the room, he saw text books, and examined them.

“It appears we’re in graduate school together in this world. I appear to be in philosophy and religious studies.”

Looking further, he found books on nurse practitioners and midwifery, “You’re in a Masters Nursing Program.”

She smirked, “Haha, isn’t that appropriate for a healer?”

He grinned as he saw a picture on the wall and pointed, and she smiled. It was a wedding picture, “Well at least we’re married here too, but have no kids yet. And this time, thank goodness we both are aware of who we really are. It was so weird knowing who I was, but none of you remembering and seeing you all act like normal people in this world. And yet still be us in our interactions and personalities.”

She grinned, “You rather enjoyed the ‘hawt’ Katara, as I recall.”

“And you aren’t now?”

She blushed, “I guess I am, at least in your eyes anyway.”

The reality of the situation came flooding back to them.

“But what about Sokka, Aang? He lay so injured, and was ready to lose two limbs.”

“I don’t know Katara.  You know this has to be the Great Spirit’s doing.”

“Why would He take us away from Sokka just when he needed us most?”

“I don’t know Katara. Maybe the key to his survival is right here. This world is so much more advanced in science. Maybe medicine too?”

“Yeah. Maybe something we can take back. If we get back.”

He admitted, “It wouldn’t be so bad to be stuck here as long as I am with you.”

She kissed and hugged him. That feeling of skin on skin made him want to hold her now and ask questions later. She felt the same way, but as they hugged tighter, it wasn’t to be.

“Wait, Aang. Look on the dresser.  Our cell phones are blinking.”

They picked up their phones, and checked the messages.

“It’s from Suki, Aang.”

They looked at each other in total shock.

Aang said incredulously, “It’s the same message as from the messenger hawk.”

Katara scrolled the text and they both read it together, “Come meet us at the Navy/Marine Hospital. I can get you in since I am the Master at Arms for the facility.  Sokka’s being medevac’d from Afghanistan in Zuko’s business jet.”

Aang replied, “I got another message from Zuko, he said to call him as soon as possible.”

Aang dialed the number, and put it on speaker phone like this worlds’ alternate Sokka had taught him years ago.

“Zuko? Hello? It’s Aang and Katara.”

Zuko had a heavy tone, “Aang.  I’m so sorry. You’ve heard?”

“Just now, Zuko. It’s 3 am.”

Zuko teased, “Knowing you two, you’d be up, if you know what I mean.”

Katara overhead his snarky comment, and yelled, “I’m gonna kill you Zuko.”

“Being the son of the Emperor, and being married to the ‘knife lady’ daughter of the Prime Minister, we have about two hundred body guards that might take issue with that, Katara.”

In the background, they could here Mai’s ever so serious voice, “Whatever you don’t kill of Zuko the first time Katara, I’m gonna kill that too.”

They all laughed. but Zuko got serious again.

“Well Suki called me just soon as she heard.  They were going to medevac him on a C-17 hospital plane, but it he would have never made it. At least in one piece. It’s a 10 hour flight.”

“I was on a diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan for Father.  Mai and I cancelled our appointments, boarded my new experimental Mitsubishi Supersonic Business Jet, picked him Sokka at the triage center at Kandahar, and headed to you guys at full speed.  Let me tell you this jet is much faster than an F-15. I’d have to kill you if I told you how much faster, though.”

“It doesn’t matter, just get him here as fast as you can,” fretted Katara.

“We’re about thirty minutes away from the Marine Corps Base Airfield. Suki’s got an ambulance dispatched to get him and get to the Navy hospital. You know it’s the best military hospital in the world for combat injuries and orthopedics. If he’s fixable they’ll do it.”

“You are an incredible friend, Zuko,” remarked Aang.

“We’re brothers Aang, after four years at the University.  All of us. Brothers and sisters do this for each other.”

Zuko lamented, “What is so terrible according to Suki is this was his last tour and he was about to come home to her forever. And then this happened.  War is so terrible, even for the victors. I’m sorry Aang and Katara, we’ll be there soon.”

They hung up. And hugged long and silently.

“This is why we are here.  He’ll get fixed,” Aang tried to assure Katara.

“Do you think so?” said a very teary Katara.

“I know so.”

In point of fact he didn’t know so, but he sure prayed so.

We need to get dressed. Aang put on blue jeans and a black t shirt with two strange cat like humanoids in deep blue. The t shirt read ‘Avatar’.

Katara frowned and said, “Aang, somehow that t shirt just isn’t you.”

He changed into one that said, “Karate Kid.”

“Much better Aang!” smiled Katara.

He admired Katara shimmying into some very tight jeans and a form fitting tube top and a jacket.

“By the way, you are still the ‘hawt’ Katara.”

She blushed but winked, “Maybe after this is all over, you’ll find out just how ‘hawt’. I remember that part of the first journey here too!”


They took a taxi to the military hospital across campus, and Suki met them at the Emergency Entrance.

Outside the ICU, in the Visitors Waiting Room, they found Toph and The Duke. They were dressed in contemporary clothes.  Toph was wearing a sweatshirt that said “University School of Ocular Medicine” and ripped blue jeans and very thin sandals. Beside her was a white cane.  Katara realized in this world, there was no echo sense. She was impressed how Aang had navigated this world so well the last time, knowing that everything was so different, and that everyone, including her, didn’t know anything was out of the ordinary of who and what they really were. She was trying to be strong and not cry.

“Katara!” Toph exclaimed.

“How did you know, Toph?”

“Haha, I always know it’s you and Aang. I kinda got a special sense about our little family. I can’t explain it.”

“Thank you for coming here to support us,” as Katara and Toph hugged.

Toph explained, “We had to be there for Sokka. You guys are like family, ever since I was completely lost on campus, and you two and TD were the ONLY students that helped me get around. Sokka and Suki the same whenever he’d come back on leave to visit you guys.  You guys kinda adopted me, so I can’t not be here for him now. That darn hard-headed Marine. When left me a voicemail that this was his last patrol, I TOLD him to find someone else to lead that last patrol, but no he had to do it one more time for the team.

“How did you find out, Toph?”

“Well TD and I were on a study date over in the Ocular Center, Suki sent a text. You know how hard my Doctor’s program in ocular transplant surgery is.  I can’t read it all in Braille, and TD is always there to be a tutor to read and quiz me. Besides with TD, I got ‘benefits’.  He read the message to me, and here we are.”

With a sly smile, Toph hugged her man.

They all smiled.  Aang and Katara exchanged the same thought – The Duke and Toph were little different in this world than theirs.

They were about to talk more when at very high speed, the triage team rushed by with Sokka on a gurney. Suki was right behind the doctors, nurses, and orderlies clearing the way. She was in tears, clutching her hands.

Zuko and Mai entered too, and saw their friends in the Visitors Room.  They looked elegant.  Katara and Mai hugged – one the few women Mai ever hugged, and Aang and Zuko grasped each other by the shoulders in their friendship.

“You guys look great!” said Aang cheerfully.

Zuko stood in an overall black long tails jacket. He had matching pants with a single red stripe, and an enormous red and white sash across his chest, with the seal of the Nation of Japan.  Mai was dressed in a long dark red dress with bright red highlights. Her hair was done very traditionally with hair sticks, and was styled in wonderfully subdued geisha style facial makeup, with particular emphasis around her eyes.

Zuko shrugged, “Well we never changed after the Kazakhstani Embassy meetings when we rushed to get Sokka. It kinda helped get us through customs faster.”

“Yeah, kinda hard to argue with the son of the Emperor of Japan and the daughter of the Prime Minister of the Diet,” joked Mai.

They all laughed.

The Duke said, “I gotta go, they are gonna need me.  He stole a very quick but very passionate kiss from his fiancé Toph, and ran after Sokka’s handlers. Sorry Zuko, I gotta go to work.”

“No problem TD. Sushi later?”

“Absolutely, we’re gonna celebrate Sokka getting through this.”

Katara looked at them both hopefully.

Aang said, “Toph we have to go too.”

“It’s OK guys. Be there for him for me.”

“Mai and I will wait with you, Toph.  I want to talk to you about endowing your research, anyway,” noted Zuko.

Toph was ecstatic, “Awesome Zuks!”

Aang and Katara turned toward the ICU,

“Spirits be with you guys,: Toph said in a surprise statement.

They raced down the hall, found the ICU empty, and turned to the OR. They were stopped at the entrance to the OR.

“We’re family,” Katara said adamantly.

“I am sorry Miss…”


“But this is for doctors and orthopedic nurses only. You are just going to have to wait with your friends.”

Katara said indignantly, “I’m a nurse in the Graduate program.”

“Oh. That’s different. You guys can watch from the OR theater gallery.

It was excruciating watching the operation. Sinew and bone were knitted together, as well as delicate sewing of vessels, and nerves and tendons. Metal implants were shaped and inserted to replace bone obliterated by the explosion’s shrapnel.  Aang thought it was gruesome, but held Katara’s hand throughout.  She was a healer as well as a sister.

Finally, hours later, it was over.  The Chief Surgeon – who was the Dean of her Nursing School - looked up to the gallery, and said, “We did our best, Nurse Katara.”

She held her hands together and bowed , “Thank you, Doctor. You were wonderful.”

They waited a bit for post op procedures to conclude, and walked hand in hand to his room.

Chief of Orderly’s The Duke met them at the door, “I have to tell you guys, the Docs say while the operation to reattach everything was successful, there is a lot of nerve damage, and he will never have the full utility of them again.  His Marine career as a warrior is over.”

Katara had to be completely held up on her feet by Aang at those words.  Fighting was everything to him and his wife Suki, especially sparring against each other.

There was a small Christmas tree in his room. Katara smiled weakly, and thought that no matter what else, having a brother with all his arms and legs was miracle gift on this Christmas Day.

Suki was there already, holding his hand.  He was partly awake, but heavily medicated. Through choked words, Suki said, “I’m still in charge of this hospital so I gotta go for awhile, Sokka. You and Katara need some time anyway.”

She tried to kiss his forehead, but he leaned up and caught her full on the lips, and they lingered.

“Merry Christmas, beautiful,” he said weakly.

“Oohrah,  Major,” she said bravely.

Sokka admired Suki’s lithe figure even in full fatigues, as she left the room to tend to the hospital’s business.

He turned to Katara with a sheepish smile, “Some Christmas this one is, sis. I really blew it.  A little different than the one in the park a few years ago.”

“We were all a lot younger then, Sokka. And No you didn’t blow it.”

“I did Katara. I did. I had those jihadists, Katara, the ones who did so much damage. They weren’t going to get away this time. But my squad walked right into a trap. We thought we were so smart. Well they were smarter. At least everyone else had minor injuries. I paid the price, and would have never forgiven myself if anyone got killed.  It’s all my fault.”

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is,” he insisted.

“No…Sokka…It’s NOT!” The veins on her forehead were popping.  Sokka knew that Katara in full anger mode was worse than any terrorist. So he backed off.

“You think so, sis?”

“I know so, Sokka. You have them on the run.”

“OK sis, whatever you say….” And he drifted off into a drug induced sleep.

Katara gave Aang an anxious look, “We have to do something Aang.”

“How Katara? We don’t have bending powers here.”

“How do you know?” Katara quizzed.

“Umm well I don’t.  I never tried the first time.  Without my arrows, I just assumed…”

“Let’s find out Aang, while we are alone.”

Aang grabbed a clean bedpan and filled it with water.

“Now or never, Katara,” Aang encouraged her.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and held her palms open. Aang gasped but said nothing as her hands began to glow and the water surrounded her palms and glowed. Confident beyond words, she went to work on Sokka.

“Oh dear, so much damage…”

“Can you do it, Katara?”

“Keep praying for me, Aang.”

“I’ve never stopped since this whole thing began.”

She glanced and smiled at her lifetime love, but never skipped a beat. After some intensely heated activity all over his arm and leg, she finally returned the water to the bowl, and the glow faded. She leaned back against Aang, and he rubbed her shoulders. She was sweating.

“It’s done.  Only the spirits know now, Aang.”

A low groan came from Sokka.


At that point, Suki came back with a ruggedized laptop, and said excitedly, “Sokka you have to see this! C’mon dude, wake up!”

He raised his head weakly, “Um… OK, Suki…”

The four of them watched as events unfolded at the battle scene he’d been rescued from. They could see, from the playback of the Predator drone streaming video,  Sokka’s patrol chasing the terrorists into a box canyon, followed by the grim explosion that took Sokka and his fellow warriors by surprise.

Suki fast forwarded the footage several hours. The drone had been tracking the jihadists.  Suddenly, two Hellfire missile launches came from the Predator, and bore down on the terror group. There were twin huge explosions. And all the enemies were seen strewn about – what was left of them - and still.

Suki gave Sokka a huge kiss and hug. Sokka reached up with his right arm, the arm they said would never move again, and caressed her. His right leg bent as well, to rub up against her affectinately.

Suki gasped, “Sokka! You moved your arm and leg. They work!”

“Of course it does, Suki. Move a little closer Captain, and find out that’s not the only thing that still works.”

“Sokka! Not here!” she scolded, and blushed.

Aang and Katara looked at each and smiled.

Suki got closer to Sokka’s ear and whispered, “You are gonna get a medal for this Sokka. You did get the terrorists! The Colonel will be here in the morning when you are rested, Marine.”

“I love you,” he smiled.

“You’d better.  I’ve always got your back.  And I love you too, Sokka.”

Suki’s mention of sleep suddenly made Sokka realize the extent of his ordeal. And miracle cure.

“I’m really tired, people.”

“We’ll see you in the morning Sokka,” replied Katara.

“You might see me at your door in the morning. Please have some clothes on this time, will ya?”

Katara blushed mightily wondering what in this world happened to cause a comment like that, “Dream on big guy, you got weeks of rehab ahead.

“Days, Katara, days.”


“Sure, Katara. You have to eat a stewed prune dinner if I get out of here in a week. If it’s longer, I have to eat an..ugh…vegetarian platter.”


“Better you than me, Katara,” teased Aang.

She punched him, and they all laughed.

Seeing that Sokka was in good hands, Aang and Katara went back to the waiting room with their friends, told them everything – well not everything - and that he moved his injured limbs. They hugged everyone, and said goodnight. Zuko and Mai insisted they needed to be on their way back to Tokyo.


As the cab dropped them off at their apartment, they held hands silently, admiring the town’s Christmas lights everywhere. There was nothing like Christmas lights in their world.

Aang smirked as they entered the darkened married student apartment.

He swept her up into his arms, and asked soothingly, “Where were we, Katara?”

“Well we had obviously had a good time together earlier tonight. Before the news.”

“Do you remember any of that?”

“Umm. No.”

“Well how do you know we had a good time?”

“Well, I…uh…you got me there, Aang.”

“Sounds like practice makes perfect Katara. Don’t you think?” Aang said slyly.

“You’re on, Aang, and they raced to their bedroom.”

Afterward they lay entangled and breathless. And then it hit them

“Omigosh, Aang! Our Sokka! Our World! Sokka’s still hurt there!”

Their alternate world got suddenly white.


Amidst the blinding white light, they stood huddled together in each others arms, wrapped in nothing but gleaming white robes. An old, leathery man stepped from the blinding white.

“We meet again, Aang.  And welcome, Katara. People are right, you really are a cute couple. Gabriel owes me big time.”

“Great Spirit!” Was all they could exclaim. The pair dropped to their knees and bowed in worship.

“Don’t do that, kids. I get plenty of that around here. You’re just visiting. Don’t worry about that stuff til you get here permanently.”

“But not to worry, young people.  Where you were and what you and the doctors did was real.  They repaired Sokka in the ways you couldn’t Katara, and you healed him the rest in the way only you can do. He will be as good as before.  Even that crazy humor of his.”

“But You gave me my healing ability, Great Spirit.”

The Great Spirit smiled kindly, “Yes Katara but you had to learn how to use it properly. I am very proud of you. Few trusted with that ability are as good as you.”

“Thank you.  But what about the Sokka in our world, Great Spirit?”

The Great Spirit grinned.

“What you heal in the modern world, you have healed in your world.”

“I…I don’t think I understand,” puzzled Aang.

“You don’t really have to. But you and your friends did wonderfully, as you always do. Healing is more than just the physical. You heal in your soul, too, kids. And by the way, kids. What you just did? You’re pregnant now, Katara. And you’re both really gonna like the result. This one is the special one you’ve been waiting for.”

“Like we didn’t love the other two?” said Katara in an annoyed tone. Aang cocked an eyebrow at Katara challenging the Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit only rolled his eyes and laughed, “Hehe. Oh Katara, you and that temper. I have Angels here that tread in fear over that.  Remind me I have some things you are gonna have to fix for me when we meet again.”

He hesitated, “Oh dear, I could spend so much more time with you.  You are what people should be. But you have to go. Michael says our time is up, and he’s such a stickler for time for an immortal being. I never have figured that out.  Merry Christmas, Aang and Katara.  I hope you enjoyed your gift of having your brother healed, not to mention time back at the University with your friends.”

“Nothing could be better, Great Spirit, now that Sokka is whole again,” said Katara with a tearful eye.

“That precious family of yours I gave you is too, kids. Time to go. Blessings on you.”

The brightness overwhelmed them as they shielded their eyes, but in only a moment they appeared back in the field hospital as if nothing had happened. Suki was attending to Sokka by wiping his brow with a cool rag.

Sokka started to come around, “Where? How? What?”

“You big lug! Hug your sister, she just healed you.”

“I’d give my right arm and leg to thank her!”

“You almost did, Sokka,” snickered Aang.

“Huh?” asked a totally clueless but rapidly recovering Sokka.

“I’ll tell you later, Sokka, just get some rest,” as Suki kissed his forehead.

Suddenly over head a long flame came from offshore. The bombardment had begun. Off in the distance, fireballs roiled into the late night skies.

“My hero!” announced Suki.

“What did I do?” questioned Sokka.

Toph listened very carefully to the ground underneath her, “You got them, Sokka. The insurrection is over.”

“How do you know Toph?”

“I know dude. They aren’t moving anymore.”

“Oh that’s nice, as his head spun and he lapsed into unconsciousness as his body healed him further. Can we go shopping now?”
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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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I got this epic One-Shot!

Adorableness and Epicness Inside (click to show/hide)Kristina let the sigh drag out, long and wistful on the cool Hogwarts air. The common room had finally emptied out, and she'd just wrapped up the last of her checklist. Prefect duties were "a wonderful opportunity, and a chance to excel" just like Headmistress McGonagall had told her, and she was nothing but grateful for the experience. Still and all, though: it was nothing less than a drag to go through cleaning up and locking down the common room after the post-quidditch win party...that had been celebrating a win she personally led. Rest from her duties was not part of the reward, as it were. Certainly, the achy spot on the small of her back where that bludger had hit wouldn't let her forget it, every time she bent over to check for first years hiding under the couches and hoping to sneak in a few more seconds out of their makeout session...

Kristina sniggered at the thought. And as soon as the laugh came on her, the bittersweet aftertaste set in. She hadn't had a proper display of affection from her own boyfriend in ages.

She walked out from her house's territory, toward the prefect area. Her body remained on a sort of "auto-pilot", adapting to the whims of the staircases while her mind played back the memories of right before he left. She'd chastised herself then, always "too busy" with the new prefect duties to spend time with him. Had to take care of those first years, and the second years for that matter, even though the date drew closer by the minute. And then, he was off and away.

She looked up at the moonbeams shining through the arched windows, and pulled her robes tighter. Her friends liked to remind her that she was strong, she'd be fine, and he loved the way she was so dedicated to her new job anyway. It was, as he frequently made sure she knew, one of his favorite things about her. Kristina knew that too, but it didn't make the separation any easier. Alpha had run afoul of the aurors one too many times in Hogsmeade, and was lucky enough to be offered a spot in their experimental new program. Get sent away on small missions to take advantage of your particular skillset, hope you came out with some discipline, send you back. This wouldn't be his last "run" before his debt was paid.

"All I want for Christmas,", she'd told her friends amidst pre-holiday merriment, "is to see him one more time before he's done with this run." She repeated that sentiment again now, to no one in particular as she stood in the pale, stone hallway.

"Well," she heard from a voice murmur in the shadow of the doorframe to the prefect lounge, "I'm no Santa Claus, but I think I can arrange that one..."

Alpha stepped from the shadow to reveal himself, and the joy filled both their hearts past the brim toward overflowing.

"Hey, Quid," he said, pulling together a whisper of a smirk. She flew into his arms and squeezed tight, before jabbing her wand into his ribs and uttering a complex charm  under her breath.

"H-hey! That tickles," Alpha said, bemusement in his voice.

"Sorry," Kristina responded. "Just making sure you weren't a Dark Arts trick," she said with a grin.

"I got let go from this outing early," he said. "It'll be another week for the rest of the crew, but the commanders thought I'd been doing such a good job, and they knew I had a pretty girl waiting back in Hogwarts-"

He never made it any further in the story. Moments of Christmas bliss were meant to be sealed with a kiss, after all. And followed by more seals of affection, as Kristina led her boyfriend to into the prefect lounge.

Yes, it was occasionally lonely at the top, as she'd heard before. And exhausting, no doubt. But as she settled in to her boyfriend's embrace, she allowed the spirit of the season to remind her that with her loved ones at her side, they were capable of anything...and also that on some blessed occasions, Christmas miracles to indeed happen, even in a world of magic.

This was the cutest thing I've ever read! I smiled like an idiot the entire time reading. Thank you so much, Secret Santa whoever you are! ;~; *hugs forever*

~Set by me~

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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Thanks Secret Santa- I love it!!!

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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Thank you, Secret Santa! You are seriously the best.

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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The best posts I ever made were the ones I didn't make.

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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Thank you, secret Santa!!!

Their Daughter of Fire (click to show/hide)The curtains of the bedroom the Fire Lord and Lady shared were sealed once more for the night as darkness descended upon the Fire Nation Capital. The chirps of a few crickets and the distant hoot of a cat owl filled the nighttime air, which was calm and serene.
For the past several months, these moments had been hard to come by for Zuko as Mai's pregnancy took its toll. She was constantly on an emotional roller coaster, quickly flipping from angry to happy in a matter of minutes or vice versa. She also had received many bouts of morning sickness, making it a bit more difficult on the palace staff with a consistent cleanup.

Still, it was all ready to pay off.

Zuko rubbed his expecting wife's chest, anxious for the arrival of his first child. Mai recalled the day the two realized they would become parents, and the hugs, kisses and tears that followed. Now, she was 8 3/4 months pregnant, and contractions had been starting. As a result, when it came to invite Aang for the next meetings, Zuko also called on Katara to be there to help with Mai's inevitable delivery.

Sure enough, just as he had been thinking about that, Mai suddenly hollered as her chest took on a sharp pain. She then could feel liquid pouring out of her body. "Zuko! My water...I...I think it's time!"

The Fire Lord quickly shot out of his bed. "Oh...oh, all right!" He then opened the door and made a command to a member of the palace staff. "Wake Aang and Katara! Mai's going into labor! Get the nurses up, stat!"

The staffer ran off to retrieve the Avatar and his wife while Zuko helped Mai up off the bed. "You'll be all right, Mai, just...take it easy. Breathe..."

Mai placed one of her hands over Zuko's while keeping another on her impregnated chest. She hissed in pain as the contractions got sharper. Slowly, the Fire Lady walked with Zuko down the stairs and toward the nursing ward.

The room was mostly empty, four beds filling it. Standing near one was an elderly woman with graying hair. When the couple arrived, she and Zuko helped guide Mai onto the bed and position herself for the delivery. Just seconds later, Aang and Katara arrived near the ward's entrance.

"Master Katara," the nurse instructed. "Stand to the Fire Lady's left and give her the proper assistance. Your delivery abilities will be helpful here."

"Got it," the waterbender replied.

"Avatar Aang," the nurse then added. "Keep the Fire Lord some comfort outside the room. We need the space, this area is quite small."

Aang nodded and soon, despite silent protests from Zuko, the two were outside of the ward, sitting on a nearby bench. The Fire Lord buried his face in his hands, silently pleading for his wife to be okay.

For the next several hours, the nurse and Katara kept Mai going with a steady dose of instructions as the labor process carried out. The pain grew more intense with every contraction closer to bringing the new life into the world.

"You're doing great, Mai," Katara encouraged her friend, holding her hand for support. "I know it's hard right now, but just keep it up. It'll be worth it."

Mai nodded before hollering in pain again.

Outside, Zuko paced back and forth nervously, cringing at every scream Mai emitted, fearing the worst.

"Will you sit down for once?" Aang said. "For spirits' sake Zuko, there's always something that's got you on your feet," he added with a chuckle.

"Do you think I enjoy hearing the woman I love scream out in pain while I'm waiting outside unable to do anything!?" The Fire Lord yelled in reply. "If that were Katara giving birth and you were in this situation you'd probably be the same way!"

"I'm just saying," the Avatar replied. "It's natural. Katara and I also had a front row seat, if you will, to Suki's labor. Unless someone in there starts panicking, you have nothing to worry about. Just sit and relax, and you'll officially be a father before you know it." He chanced a smile to his close friend.

Zuko gave a heavy sigh while Mai let out another scream from the ward. The labor had been ongoing for almost seven hours now, and the skies were starting to become brighter with sunrise nearing. With Aang's words and nothing seeming unordinary inside, he finally took a seat, though Mai's cries certainly still kept him a bit nervous. "I'm sorry for going off like that, Aang. I just...the last thing I need is something happening to my wife and our child."

Aang rested a hand on Zuko's shoulder. "It'll be fine. Think about this day a few years from now, and you'll realize just how worth it it all was." His mind then drifted away to his hopeful next few years with his own wife.

Back inside, sunlight penetrated the window as the labor process continued. The nurse now stood right in front of Mai, preparing to bring the baby out into the world. Katara pressed a cool water-covered hand to Mai's forehead while using the other to clutch the Fire Lady's, continuing to keep her comfort. "Start pushing," she then said, recognizing this stage of the process.

Mai let out a groan as she lifted her head up and pushed within her body.

"I can see the head!" The nurse exclaimed. "Keep it going, Mai! You're almost there!"

Another groan released from the Fire Lady as she pushed again. Katara gave her another encouraging smile to keep her friend going. Further and further, the new heir to the throne pushed out of their mother's body. The nurse kept her hands cradled under the baby's head to receive it.

"Big pushes, Mai!" The waterbender continued to encourage. "Your baby is almost here!"

A third, hard push came from the near-mom. Soon, the sounds of baby cries began to go through the room as a fourth, finishing push was applied. The nurse pulled the new baby out and gave it a quick look.

"It's a girl!" The elder proclaimed. She then handed the baby off to Katara, who used her waterbending to rinse the blood off the infant. After wrapping it in blankets, she passed her off to her mother.

Mai cradled the baby in her arms as her mouth grew into a big smile. Some tears dotted the once-stoic woman as she looked at the bundle of joy she and Zuko produced. The baby had gleaming eyes of gold like her father, but had some of the facial structures of her mother.

"Congratulations," Katara whispered. "I'll bring the new dad in."

The waterbender opened the door to see Zuko still a bit anxious and Aang keeping a comforting hand on his shoulder. She then uttered the words the Fire Lord had been waiting to hear. "Zuko, come in and see your new child."

Zuko rose from his seat while Aang kept in his seat, but there would be none of that. "Come on Aang, you can see the baby too."

Smiling, Aang rose from his seat to join his friends and wife in the nursing ward.

Zuko took his position to Mai's right, while Aang and Katara locked hands on the other side of the bed and smiled compassionately.

With just one look at his wife and daughter, Zuko's face melted and tears lit up his eyes. "She's beautiful, Mai..."

"Our beautiful daughter...eyes just like her daddy..." Mai uttered to her husband. She then slowly handed the child to him.

Zuko cradled his daughter and smiled at her brightly. "Welcome to the world...it's me, daddy...and down there is your mommy. We're glad to have you here..."

Katara and Aang both also teared up at the scene. The waterbender looked at her husband, and the Avatar knew the look in her eyes - he knew Katara dreamed of that same scene in due time with him. For now, they were glad to watch their friends take in their first moments of being parents.

"Have you thought of her name?" Aang asked.

"I think I have a great idea, and Zuko agrees," Mai replied.

"We came up with the name Azalea," Zuko then added. "We think it's a beautiful name, and it's just so fitting for a beautiful baby girl."

"It does sound like a lovely name," Katara said. "Congratulations, you two."

"Thank you both, especially for your help," the Fire Lady said. "Aang, I'm sure my husband was beside himself with nerves." Zuko somewhat rolled his eyes in good nature while his wife laughed.

"He was, a little bit," the Avatar answered with a chuckle. "Wasn't too bad though."

"Watch it, Avatar, or I might have to capture you to restore this slight bit of honor," Zuko shot back with a tease, prompting all in the room to laugh.

After the laughter died down, they all took time to admired the new baby. Aang and Katara even had a chance to hold her, and again be left to ponder their own future dreamily. They gave the young girl back to her parents after some time.

"Well, we will leave you two be," Aang then said. "Katara and I need our rest, since we have to return to the South Pole tomorrow."

"I understand," Zuko replied. "It's been a long night and now day, you two take all the time you need. No further meetings are scheduled. Again, thank you both for your help in this. It means a lot to us."

"No problem," Katara said. "Who knows? We may see you again for this same thing."

"Perhaps," the Fire Lord answered.

"Sleep well," Mai then said to them both.

The two bowed to their friends and returned to their room, ready to rest up after a long but rewarding night.

"Well," Mai then turned to her husband. "You think those two are next?"

"Won't be long," Zuko answered. "For now, we have ours. Our first child...our first reward. Thank the spirits for her being healthy."

"I will...I already love her," the Fire Lady looked at her baby admiringly. "Still...don't forget how much I love you."

"I love her and you too," the Fire Lord answered with a smile before pressing a quick kiss to his wife's lips. "You two are my favorite women in the world."

"Princess Azalea..." Mai uttered. "So...perfect."

"Just like her mother," Zuko said.

The two continued to admire their child throughout the next couple hours while the sun continued to brighten the Fire Nation Capital. Though typical parental troubles awaited the two over the next several years, they knew, having the child to love and someone to call their own would be the most rewarding thing of all in the end.

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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Meelo!!  For the President of the Meelo Fan Club!

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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This incredible set of 4 (FOUR!!!) avvies and siggies, which I will start using later today! I am not sure which one to do first, they are so incredible. And I am totally clueless as to the artist. All I know is this person knows me and I am very thankful for these! XDD *hugs!*  and if a guy did them *manhugs* I'm not bashful! ;)

UPDATE New Years Day: this morning I learned it was Secrets who gave all these wonderful creations to me!  That makes it an extra special gift coming from a TKC friend. :)

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signatures - gift from my talented friends Water Lily and Honey Badger :3

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
« Reply #12 on: December 26, 2012, 07:33:38 PM »
It's a beautiful Katara fanart, but my santa left their name on it methinks; so...sorry, can't post. :p

Nevertheless, thanks! :)
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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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This was my beautiful gift. <3

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First off I'd like to say that I'm sorry for not being able to draw you something. Nothing was coming out correctly.

Water Lily, you are one of the sweetest people here on TKC. To be honest, I don't believe I've ever seen you be mean to ANYONE on here. That is something really hard to do, so mad props to you.

I'm not good with words, so here is what I have to offer you this Christmas.


THANK YOU, SECRET SANTA!!!!!! So sweet of you!!!! :'3

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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These beauties <3

Look, there is someone, for everyone.. someone you're meant to spend the rest of your life with...

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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Omg I love you whoever you are. <3 can we like hug or something

(click to show/hide)Atari,

I'm really sorry, I couldn't write a good fanfic for you, and I don't have the technology that I used to to make you an awesome graphic anymore.  So I decided to make a list of 10 reasons why you're the best.  I hope you like it!  Merry Christmas <3

1. You are one the sweetest people I have ever come across.

2. You make me laugh until I can't breathe.

3. You are so incredibly loving to everyone around you.

4. If someone is having a bad day, you won't rest until you make them smile.

5. We were friends from the second we got acquainted.

6. You have awesome hair.

7. You make me and everyone on this forum feel loved.

8. You offer help when needed.

9. You have one of those smiles that makes everybody smile.

10.  You're...Atari.  You're awesome, you're funny, you're sweet...you are fantastic addition to this forum family.  Thank you for being here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I love you!


Your Secret Santa <3

You even used a Tyler Oakley gif. Pathway to my heart.
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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
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I feel terrible! I'm so sorry this is late. I've been uber busy the past week. This is for you, Secrets.





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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
« Reply #17 on: December 26, 2012, 11:41:57 PM »

Hey Katie! I thought about going with the mysterious approach... then I just said, "Whatever!" and decided to let you know right off the bat because my gift makes it so obvious that it's me. xD So here is your present from your good friend Glitch! I swapped my outfit throughout the day on Christmas Eve in honor of you, and was thinking of you throughout the day. I wore red for part of the day, purple for another, and blue as well, all in honor of your favorite colors, snapping a picture of each one! XD I also designed you your very own, personalized chucks for those days you just can't choose between red, blue, and purple! XD


And here are your chucks:

LOVE YOU! You're SUPER AWESOME and I got all giddy when I found out I got to give you a present! XD

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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
« Reply #18 on: December 27, 2012, 12:11:24 AM »



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Re: Share what you got from your secret santa!
« Reply #19 on: December 27, 2012, 01:07:03 AM »



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Awesome picture! It looks like a crossover between Mako and Merlin.

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