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Author Topic: General Rules for Roleplaying  (Read 638 times)

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General Rules for Roleplaying
« on: November 16, 2012, 04:20:15 AM »
General Rules for Roleplaying

Here at TKC, we have a section to fulfill all your roleplaying needs. Interact with other members, create your own stories, and let your creativity soar! You are allowed to create both original and fanon roleplays. This means you can roleplay as characters that exist from an established franchise, including – but not limited to – Avatar. You also have the opportunity to create your very own stories and settings with original RP characters. The possibilities are endless!

There are just a few rules you need to follow to participate and/or start a roleplay. So make sure you read this section before posting.

  • It’s important to give each roleplay thread started a proper basis. Make sure you create an RP planning thread first to establish WHAT your RP is, if applications for characters are opened/closed, and the rating level of your RP: this includes both a maturity rating, as well as a literacy rating. (If you need help with this, more information and an example thread is located here.)

    • Always include a link to the planning thread in the opening post of the actual roleplay thread.

  • Follow the direction of the Roleplayer Makers if you’ve joined an RP. If you’ve create a roleplay yourself, be consistent with the information and parameters you give applicants/members.

  • Put effort into your roleplays. This includes using proper spelling and grammar, just like the rest of the forum. While lengths of RP-posts can vary, try to submit entries with substance. Take into account what others are posting and get help in the planning threads if you’re ever confused/need direction as to what to do with your character.

  • No Godmoding or Powerplaying. At no point should your characters be ‘undefeatable’ or have almighty powers. You must also refrain from taking control of another person’s character without their consent. No characters should be without flaw, indestructible, or otherwise ‘above’ the rest of the other players. This is considered disdainful among most roleplay groups.

  • Specify when you are going out of character with “OOC:”
    An example could be as follows: OOC: My character has taken refuge in a local inn. The rest of the party doesn’t know where she is yet.
    Keep this at a minimum and constrained to the planning threads if at all possible, however. If you must include an OOC in the main roleplay thread, you must still post something that contributes to the roleplay in some fashion.

  • Be respectful of one another: in game and OOC. If you disagree with something someone has done, or if they’ve broken a rule in the game, contact them nicely over PM to resolve the issue.

  • When taking applications for characters, try to give everyone a fair chance. While a group of friends, for instance, may want to start a roleplay, it would be prudent to extend positions to others if they are interested. If this is simply not an option for whatever reason, make sure to list your character applications field as ‘closed.’

  • If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, or unable to continue roleplaying, let the rest of the group know. Not doing so can cause problems with continuity and effect other participants.

Have fun everyone!



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