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Title: Forum Rules and Guidelines
Post by: Seluna on November 09, 2012, 12:46:40 AM
Welcome, everyone!

Before you get started posting and being active in this community, itís important you understand the rules. Adherence to these rules is mandatory and may result in disciplinary action if not followed.

Forum Rules and Guidelines

1.) You are allowed one account.
Suspicious activity will be investigated.

2.) Treating your fellow forum members with dignity and respect.
Letís make everyoneís time enjoyable and stick to this straight-forward rule. Do not bash, flame, flamebait, troll, disrespect, or be rude to one another. If for some reason disagreements do break out, do not air them publicly: simply take it to PMís or contact a mod.

3.) Donít use profanity or post inappropriate content.
Pretty self explanatory. The main boards of this forum cater to a vast array of ages; therefore cursing (with the exceptions of ďassĒ and ďdamnĒ Ė so long as they are not directed at someone in a mean way) is not permitted. Those who do not comply will be warned and have their post edited by a mod.  Sexual content is not allowed:  anyone who engages in posting sexually explicit images of any nature on the public boards will be automatically banned. 

We do have Mature Boards you can apply to, which cover a multitude of subjects and has some different allowances. While these boards are not without rules, language is permitted and certain subjects can be discussed that are off-limits to TKCís general boards. Apply here (

4.) Communicate clearly
Posts should be easily read by everyone, which involves using proper English and grammar. Do not use shorthand, leetspeak, stickycaps/all caps or abuse smilies in posts. Also, please refrain from excessive punctuation marks to get a point across (anything excessive will be edited by a moderator, since they can cause broken tables and make viewing difficult for other viewers.)

5.) Keep on topic and avoid spamming
While we encourage a good time on TKC, please be aware that off-topic posts that draw a conversation too far from the original threadís point can be extremely annoying and frustrating to outsiders. Letís do everyone a favor and keep it to a minimum. Be aware that excessive OT-posts may result in a warning from Moderation team.
We have a shoutbox, games board, and specific misc.-boards specifically for spamming and general chit-chat. (Actual spam is not allowed!)

6.) Be aware of whatís already on the forum
We urge users to look before creating topics to see if an applicable thread already exists. We do not need several topics about one subject. Duplicate thread creations WILL be merged by the moderation team. However, if a topic has been dead for a LONG time (i.e., 60 days or more) you may make a new topic.

7.) Do not abuse the Moderator Team and Forum Planners
While moderators are here to help and serve, you should never consider them your personal mods or expect things beyond reason. If you need help, PM a Moderator ONCE: realize that this is a user-run forum and sometimes it will take a little while to receive an answer/solution to your queries/concerns. Do not send excessive PMís about something you want accomplished on the forum or ask for help via public profile comment. And above all else, do not publicly bash TKCís team. Regardless of position, they are still real people with real feelings: they are to be treated with as much respect as you give your fellow forum member.

If you do not feel comfortable asking a specific mod a question, you can always check in with The Council Page (;u=6).

8.) Be sure to cite linked artwork image content (in posts, threads, etc.)
While it may be tempting to insert into the image tag without taking the time to properly link an outside artwork/graphic, TKC believes in properly crediting creators. Discussion threads are to be used just as their namesake entails: for discussion. These threads are not to be used as image dumps, as this shows great disrespect to the original artists. We have respective artwork/media boards for a reason: if you do find artwork you'd like to share with the rest of the thread, make a topic and post said images there.

Say a topic warrants an image in it's opening post, but you cannot find a canon image (this most often happens with certain ships.) You may link to an image with a clearly defined link to the artist underneath.

Main Board Art Guidelines

- Art must be properly titled in the thread.
- We strongly ask that all art not belonging to the original poster to be properly credited and cited.
- Explicit art is forbidden from the main board.
         -"Explicit" involves, but is not limited to nudity, sexual themes, extreme violence and/or gore.
- Explicit art may be shared in the Mature Board.
Title: Re: Forum Rules and Guidelines
Post by: Seluna on December 03, 2012, 06:37:53 AM
Icon Guidelines

( ( (

* All icons must be 100 x 100 px. You may go under, but not over that limit.

* Please keep the content of your icon appropriate to the forum. No mature content.

Signature Guidelines


* The limit for the size of your signature entries is 600 x 250 px. Keep in mind that while this is the forum limit, we strongly encourage smaller sigs.

* Please keep the content of your sigs appropriate to the forum. No mature content.