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Author Topic: Fans in Avatar the last Airbender roleplaying planning  (Read 174 times)

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Fans in Avatar the last Airbender roleplaying planning
« on: July 23, 2017, 10:39:36 PM »
Plot: what would you do if you suddenly woke up and found yourself in the world of one of your favorite franchise's of all time. How would you react? Would you try to change things for the better or worse? Now you have the opportunity to find out. Welcome to fans in Avatar the last Airbender.

Here we, the fans have found ourselves transported into the world of Avatar the last Airbender. You can be a bender or non bender, align with or against the Avatar. Even change how the series progressed. A few ground rules

1. Use an alias that sounds like a name from one of the nation's.
2. Keep the fact that you came from another world a secret.
3. We are starting a year before the events of the boy in the iceberg.
4. I'm still debating on allowing airbenders, Until I do, please refrain from making any airbenders.
5. When your oc arrives in the world of Avatar the last Airbender, your appearance and clothes will be charged to fit either the nation you awaken in or a bender of the element which you bend.
6. Some events can and will be charged. For example, Hama won't be evil.


My oc

Name: Patrick Anderson, adopts the alias of Kopaka
Age: 6 (upon arriving), 7 (book's 1-3)
Gender: Male
Appearance: prior to arriving in the avatar Universe, Patrick was a young Caucasian boy with brown hair, forest green eyes and a freckled face. He has a cleft chin and a straight nose. Upon arriving, His skin darkens to that of a water tribe member. He starts out with a simple blue tunic with no shoes. However he will end up with a boy's water tribe outfit.
Abilities: Kopaka is a naturally gifted waterbender, and a powerful one at that. Trained by Hama, who found him unconscious in the woods, Kopaka learned from the last true southern water bending master. Kopaka also learned blood bending, even discovering how to blood bend without a full moon and how to take a person's bending away permanently.
Skills: Kopaka has very high attention to detail and is a cleaver boy. Prior to arriving in the avatar Universe, he was a cub scout and a student of Tai Chi. Upon arriving, Kopaka retained his skill in Tai Chi and studying under Piandao for a month, helped him master the duo dao swords and incorporate them into his bending. Hama taught him the basics of reading and writing.
Weapons: duel dao swords with a water tribe inspired aesthetic.
Weaknesses: He is still a child, which limits his Constitution and durability. He can discuss out punishment, but he can't take much himself. If he gets hit he could be taken out of the fight either briefly or long term. In addition he doesn't know everything, but is eager to learn. Kopaka, like all water benders, draws his power from the moon and ocean spirits.
Nation: southern water tribe, arrives in Hama's village.
Allegiance: good
Personality: As both Patrick and Kopaka, he is a kind hearted and selfless boy, playfully and outgoing, who can also be mature and spiritual when need be. Like his element, Kopaka is a fluent and adaptable person who lives by the mantra 'be water my friend.'
Bio: born in West Palm Beach FL, Patrick Anderson was a young boy who loved Avatar the last Airbender and the legend of Korra, he loved waterbending out of all the other elements, and studied Tai Chi due to how it influenced the creators of the show. Like Katara with water bending, Patrick was a natural prodgey with tai chi, starting to receive training in Incorporating weapons into his style. Patrick chose the duel dao swords as his weapons.

One night,  after finishing the last episode of legend of Korra, Patrick fell asleep, but when he awoke, he wasn't in his bedroom, but instead found himself being tended to by Hama. Discovering his ability to waterbend, He told Hama his name was Kopaka, and she took him as her student. Together they began traveling to the South Pole, along the way, they bond as grandparent and grandchild.

Along the way they passed through the village of Shu Jing. There Kopaka took a shine to a pair of Duel dao swords. Sadly they didn't have enough to buy them. However the shop keeper told them Master Piandao could provide Kopaka with a pair, if he could convince him to take him as a student. Kopaka and Hama were directed to the castle of Master Piandao, who took Kopaka as a student and offered him and Hama room and board. After a month, Kopaka mastered the duo dao swords and Piandao taught Kopaka how to make his own pair. Kopaka, with help, forged a pair of duel dao swords. He also gave Hama some scrolls on waterbending he had in his collection of books and scrolls. He also gave kopaka a white lotus sho piece.

They later passed through the foggy swamp, meeting the foggy swamp tribe and staying with them for a week before moving on. They passed through a port town looking for passage to the southern water tribe, it was here Kopaka's gift from Master Piandao came in handy. In the corner he found Pai sho player. In what seemed like a game of Pai sho, kopaka successfully identified him as a white lotus member. He helped them get to the South Pole where kopaka and Hama settled down, helping to rebuild the tribe.



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