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Title: Suggestion and Help Box
Post by: Seluna on December 11, 2012, 08:15:07 AM
Suggestion and Help Box

Here at TKC, we strive to provide you with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a great community full of news, fun, and many activities.

We're very concerned with what our members are thinking and openly urge you to come to us if you need help with something. This can be suggesting something for the forum, general help/inquiries, needing conflict resolution with another members, among many other things.

Feel free to contact us with the form below and we will have a member of our team field your question as soon as possible!

If you have a coding issue with the site, you can bypass this form entirely and email me, Seluna, directly. I'm the only one who manages the layout and infrastructure of TKC and codes this site, so I can answer/solve your queries directly. If it's something that can wait or you feel the mods may know, too - please use the suggestion box.

Submit notes to the moderation team with this form. (;n=6)

Before the submittal process, we ask users to please consult the "Welcome to Republic City" sections listed below to try and find answers for general forum queries already listed, since so much information is already outlined.

Forum Rules and Guidelines (

Where everything is - Your GPS around the city! (

How to use your account and settings (

Fun and useful features (

Choose your element (

You can also check out our FAQ here ( It is also located in your menu bar at the top of your screen.

Note: FAQ Currently still under construction


Understand that entries submitted are by no means anonymous: using the form as a means to harrass the mod team is not allowed and will result in warning/possible banning. Do not abuse this form and be sure to fill it out as clearly and concisely as possible. Understand that items will be answered and dealt with in the order in which they were received. Do not send additional forms or contact the administrator to 'check on' the status of something submitted. Also realize that not all requests can be accommodated due to time and financial limitations, as this is a user-run forum and paid for out of pocket by Seluna and terrik_zion.

You understanding is appreciated.