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Author Topic: TKC's Secret Santa Event! [All Secret Santas Assigned! Have fun!]  (Read 768 times)

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TKC's Secret Santa Event!

Hey TKC’ers! “Santa Toph” here! 

I’m here to tell you about the TKC “Secret Santa Game!”

I understand Santa’s some kind of good spirit in your world. 

I don’t know about these things, I always trust Twinkletoes to explain all that Spirit World mumbo-jumbo to me.  With that red suit, I just figure Santa’s some kind of Fire Nation Sage in disguise. Cool beard though. Sokka’s soul patch is pathetic compared to that Santa guy’s beard.  Yeah I did tug on it, and it was real. But Santa muttered something about me being on some kind of “naughty list” and getting a lump of coal.  What that Santa dude doesn’t know is I LOVE to bend coal, especially when Zuko sets it on fire. 

Shh… Don’t rat me out!

Even in the World of the Avatar, we exchange gifts at the winter solstice celebration. Regardless of what you people call it  – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. Whatever.

The point in giving gifts in Secret Santa game is to make someone happy without them ever knowing it’s you!  You get the joy of brightening up someone’s day.  We’d love to see everyone participate in this first Forum wide member activity, the first of many to come.

What’s a good gift?  Well, always love a good chunk of marble or granite or a lump of metal to mess around with.  But for you non-benders, well, that’s a different matter.

  • Some of you are artists, so I’ll bet you’d like to like to give your Secret Santa recipient a signature, or avvie, or a nice gif or jpeg. I don’t understand any of that modern stuff, but I bet you do!

  • You writers - you can send a drabble or a story to your Secret Santa.  If Sugar Queen gives me one of those, she’s gonna have to READ it to me though.

  • Some of you do videos too. Pictures that move, according to Sokka. Like I can see them… :P

So, do you TKC’ers wanna play this game? 


  • Submit your desire to play using the form below by December 18th, 12 PM PST!

    • You have to play the game to get a Secret Santa gift
    • Indicate on the form what kind of gift you are likely to give (art, graphics, writing, or other gift)

  • The point of the game is to get to know new people - so there will be no requesting.

  • Secret Santa matches will come to you from The Council Page on December 19th!

  • You have until December 25th to submit your gift to the Council Page and he will get it to your Secret Santa by December 26th – no peeking, let The Council Page do the work. Ever since Tarrlok outed himself as a Blood Bender, that dude’s been looking for work.

  • Recipients of Secret Santa gifts will have a special thread to post those gifts if you so desire and thank their Secret Santa's

    • It’s entirely up to you if you want to reveal yourself to your recipient publicly or by PM after the game is over. A lot of smart people here figure it out on their own!

    Submit your Secret Santa Application
    Submissions closed~ You will be receiving your Secret Santas via PM shortly!

    Oh, before I forget, I gotta ask you TKC’ers about Santa’s flying reindeer? Those must be soon kind of special sky bison? Seriously, some of the stuff in your world is weirder than our world.  Like that platypus thing.

    Anyway, I gotta get back to the ATLAverse.  Please play the game and enjoy! “Season Greetings” as they say in your world!

    --Santa’s Helper Toph
<<Toph dialogue courtesy of A6>>



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