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Author Topic: My Sonic Fanfic (PG)  (Read 341 times)

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My Sonic Fanfic (PG)
« on: June 01, 2015, 04:58:31 AM »
I hope this is copied and pasted right.

Let me know if it isn't. *worried*

Please comment.

Constructive criticism is welcome. :3

Sonic Fanfic (click to show/hide)---

Summary: It's about Dr. Eggman creating a half human, half android made out of his own DNA.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: This Sonic fanfic is for fun and entertainment purposes. I don't own Sonic and etc. It's purely fanmade.


Along the line of winter. Eggman was having plans to use his DNA to make another of himself and use robotic parts to make an android human like. This android will be his first son, since he never had a family, he wanted someone to carry his evil like traditions until he dies or if it ever happens. He already used a woman to force her into marrying him but never consider her family since he never loved her but only used her for DNA of his son. She died of mind control experiments when it got too much.

Eggman: Wow! This is one heck of project I sure did. Took me more than a year to do. I never really knew DNA can be this complicated for this certain, THING. Tell me Orbot what do you think of my latest, eh... This wonderful amaz -    ...

Orbot: It's a beauty.

Eggman: Isn't it.

Cubot: I second that.

Eggman: Waken my child.

Grizzle: Ahh...

Eggman: Now. I want you to defeat that BLUE RAT.

Orbot: Do you mean Hedgehog?

Eggman: Silence!

Grizzle: I feel, confused. Are you, who are you?

Eggman: Don't you know. You're programmed. Ah, lousy piece of junk.

Grizzle: Hey! Don't insult me!

Cubot: What he said.

Eggman: OH, I'm sorry. (sarcasm) Anyways can we talk about that running weasel. HEDGEHOG, I should say... I'm planning for you to help me to destroy him for good. I really wanna take over the world finally for good. You are one of the most, probably MOST powerful thing I ever created and you're top secret too. Nobody knows about you and I kept out of sight for the past half year. Now be a good son and lets take care of business.

Grizzle: Are you sure? I don't feel right about this. Do I even have a purpose? What's my future? How will I meet this person ?

Eggman: Oh you'll see... *evil eyes*

Orbot/Cubot: *shrugs*

Meanwhile, Sonic running through the road of Willow Creek at 12 miles per hour. He felt like doing slow runs, nothing special, he loves it but he wants to see look at the nice scenery of the sierra. Close by he notices that Amy is being captured again by one of Eggman's robots using her for bait, but he's only in it to destroy him if he gets his hands on him and his son by his side.

Up in the sky on the fortress is Eggman and his son while he's so misled what's happening with everything. Deep down there's good in him. He wouldn't hurt a fly but Eggman forces him to act that way, along with the chip inside of him.

Sonic: Eggman! When can you control your robots!

Amy: Sonic, I can take care of myself.

Sonic: Okay Amy.

Amy: Take that you bad robot you!

Sonic: What you did was...

Amy: Amazing!?

Sonic: No, just awesome is what I was gonna say...

Eggman: Ahem! I'm over here!

Grizzle: Don't mind him, I'm just, his new creation, don't bother. If it's something I have to do, I must destroy you blue weasel... *mopey tone*

Sonic: Can anyone get my name right!?

Grizzle: I'm sorry, didn't mean no harm.

Sonic: What?!

Eggman: Grizzle pay attention to this situation!

Amy: If someone messes with Sonic you mess with me.

*hits Grizzle in the face*

Grizzle: OW! That hurts!

Eggman: Coward. I knew it was a failure with this project.

Sonic: HAHA! You thought you had me there.

Then unexpectedly Grizzle attacks Sonic with a major blow that totally wipes him out.

Amy: Hey! How dare you!

Eggman: It's all him. He can't control himself and that's the part I love.

Sonic gasping for air.

Sonic: You have him on mind control or something Eggman. I don't even have all the chaos emeralds.

Eggman: Not true... *lies*

Amy: I have one Sonic. Here. *He grabs it*

Up in the distance in the sky is Tails flying the Tornado.

Tails: The city of Eureka is being destroyed. You gotta help.

Sonic: I'm a little busy at the moment.

Then faster then Sonic himself except super and hyper form and beyond. Fled Eggman and his son.

Sonic: Whoa! Where they go?!

Tails: I believe they went heading to Eureka.

Sonic: Then I'm going!

Amy: I go with.

Sonic: NO-NO-N-NO! It's too dangerous for someone like you and I don't want you to get hurt, uh, yeah. So, go home, where you're safe.

Amy: *nods*

So Sonic on his way to Eureka to see what's happening. Poor Grizzle hopefully he knows the truth about himself, because he's a death-bomb and at any minute, he's gonna explode that Eggman implanted out of new hatred now. Just like that without remorse but pure cowardliness of his latest creation that he so thought did poorly on but Grizzle was more than that. So until the his death comes, he will be remembered by Sonic and the others after the truth is revealed after from the deadly battle in space above Earth after taking care of the robots destroying Eureka but managed to get them all once.



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