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Author Topic: Mimi For You Chapter 1 (PG)  (Read 366 times)

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Mimi For You Chapter 1 (PG)
« on: January 03, 2015, 10:22:26 PM »
Summary: It's the first chapter where Mimi Taneda and her bestfriend go to a shrine near their high school to see something cool of a special sword passed down from samurai to samurai.
Rating: PG

In this story tells a tale about a high school girl name Mimi Taneda who's about to graduate soon but goes through all sorts of school and life adventures with her bestfriend Toma Maruko, family and friends.

Mimi isn't full blooded Japanese, she's half-American and half-Japanese. Her mother is American, Danish descent but was born in the US. Most of Mimi's family is Japanese and Danish.

Mimi isn't reserved and keep to yourself like regular most Japanese people but she is outspoken and speaks her mind when she needs to. She's tough and is very athletic but doesn't play sports for competition, mainly fun. Soccer is her passion, but doesn't always play all the time, since where's she's from part of Japan, it snows a lot.

Mimi's mom is a bank teller. She speaks fluent Japanese, since she had to learn it if she were to get transfered to Japan. Mimi's family wanted to live in her family's roots and are not thinking of moving again, since they lived in Denmark for 3 years when Mimi was a child. So as you can see Mimi has been all over the place where her family took her but her family would love to go visit Tokyo one day. They admire Japan's culture and other most country's cultures too.

Mimi coming out of her room and loudly she says one Monday morning... "I'm heading out to the shrine near school with Toma before they start. I wanna see something cool there."

"Okay sweetie but make sure you make it to school before you're seeing whatever you're seeing at the shrine."

Mimi and Toma wanted to see the great Shinto samurai sword passed down by samurai to samurai all that sacrificed themselves of brutal deadly battles in their town many centuries ago. Some say that sword is cursed and Mimi's curiosity wants to touch the mysterious and bold sword.

"If only I can touch that sword but I feel this is my only option.

"Be careful Mimi." Toma said feeling worried.

"I wonder if I can... AHHH!!! That sword I feel, so... Can't describe in words. Something I never felt before. Something I feel so destined to become a warrior but I feel I never had experienced in my entire life. That's how it really feels."

Then then a hologram appears out of the sword after Mimi rubbed the blade and an old man appeared like a genie but is actually a spirit. It was Mimi's sensei.

"All what I just saw was just so cool Mimi. You rock girl!" He said with great enthusiasm.

"Thanks but I'm not flattered."

"Now wait just a minute before you guys say anything let me introduce myself. Mimi I'm your sensei. Nagito Shima. The great samurai of all Japan even if looks may deceive you. I'm more than meets the eye."

Both say whoa...

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