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Author Topic: A Tale of Steven and Bevelyn  (Read 340 times)

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A Tale of Steven and Bevelyn
« on: December 22, 2014, 05:55:43 PM »
Summary: Steven and Bevelyn have come across paths of another downtown in the city where they live before but never met until now in a cafe.

I hope you guys like it and constructive criticism is welcome. :)

This fictional story I'm about to tell you is about two people that meet for the first time, but they have came across eachother walking along the streets of downtown of their city which is a small city with great cafes etc. where people can drink coffee, tea or whatever the feel like and also socialize if they wish because there you may encounter romance or friendship if you go to the cafe or coffeeshop on a daily bases.

Steven Anime Man. Self-Proclaimed calling NOT himself an elitist anime fan but just a HUGE anime fan and has been one since he was just a little kid. He claims he almost knows everything about the Japanese culture and anime but I think he's head is stuck in the clouds of fantasy and dream land with his devotion to anime and the culture of Japan. He did change his last name for Anime Man from Brownswood. It's an obsession which can be out of hand but he doesn't always talk about anime all the time, he can talk about almost anything. He wishes to visit Japan one day but he has nobody other then his alcholic dad, but a gentle, happy alcholic that works as a bartender downtown in the city where he works. Steven and his dad never been close because the loss of his mother died of Cancer, she doesn't remember her very much because he was just a baby. He wishes that his dad find someone, so he can feel happy again instead of dwelling in the past and focus on the present rather then feeling sorry for himself but Steven still loves his dad even if they aren't close.

The cafe where Steven goes almost everyday to drink coffee or something else in mind and work on projects on his laptop since he works at home doing digital art of anime that he does and gets paid for it some art website. He's very creative and likes anime hot girls but isn't a pervert, he just thinks they look very pretty. He does watch almost every type of anime except for ecchi, fanservice, lolicon and hentai and anything else that looks naughty. He's a sweet guy with a pure heart and mind. He was just raised that way from his dad even if they don't bond that much and now 21, he's looking for someone he wants go out with in a romantic way, since he's bisexual but he likes girls more but isn't into the whole lust thing since he's a pure guy and doesn't want anything to touch his manhood even though he may touch himself every now and then and I mean who doesn't? But still and no, he's not religious or anything or believes in God but he is Agnostic. He respects the culture of Japan and other Asian cultures and some other cultures not related to Asia. He's pretty open-minded but we all can judge at some things at heart because we're not perfect but human.

So as Steven was about to head to the local cafe close where he lives since he lives in a boarding house of 12 people including himself. He gets along with most of them. They all have their quirks and smirks and all that but he's pretty much used to it. He often go checks on his dad at his place even though most of the time he's drunk but he manages gets by and he's SO lucky for not getting pulled over by the cops after work. He doesn't hardly go anywhere other then work, since you know. Still focusing on the past of the death of his wife and never thinking of anything else but he loves his son so much and more than anything and more than he knows and even if their apart and somewhat not always talking to eachother. Steven at the cafe, saw a familiar pretty young lady because he has a keen eye of remembering faces. He at times ran into her in the city downtown walking through stores but never saw her at the cafe until now.

So he naturally and calmly approached to the pretty young women and said...

"I never seen you here before. But I do remember we have come cross paths of one another before and NO not to sound like some kind of crazy person, just wanna make conversion with you, since you're here, alone and if you don't mind, may I join you? Please?"

She didn't look nervous, she seem genuine and so she let him sit down at her table where she was sitting.

"Have a sit." She said.

"Thank you..." He said.

"By the way I'm Steven Anime Man. You probably get the impression I'm into anime and manga and junk and which is true so I changed my last name from Brownswood to Anime Man." He said feeling embarrassed but with dignity since he is proud for his fortunate last name that he changed few years ago when he turned 18.

"Interesting. I never met anyone with a unique last name even if you did changed it. I'm not much into anime or manga etc. but it does look interesting but I don't have time for that since I work as manager at a Bakery shop and I bake too. So life keeps me busy. I do relax at home and go on my laptop and write stories about romance but that's something I do rarely since I have no time since I'm always tired and do house chores." She said feeling sad, since it's something she's devoted to other than baking. "I have a cat name Lucy. She keeps me company when I'm alone, since I have nobody, I do have my parents and my other family but they live in the country in a rural town. I haven't dated anyone years since high school and I don't have any friends but I do socialize at work since it's my job and well I have to take orders and take care of business, my employes and customers. I'm friendly, just gone through a lot in my life. OH!, I'm sorry for telling all this, I don't even know you and we just met and you don't even know my name yet."

"It's okay, you can trust me. I'm a loyal friend and faithful yet loyal lover. It's really true. Which is why I like sappy, romantic anime and other none related to anime and manga." He said truthfully. "Sorry for mentioning the lover part, I'm just being honest that's all."

"By the way." My name is Bevelyn Mathews." She told him while letting know her full name and no she doesn't have a middle name and nor Steven.

"No middle name?"


"Me neither."

That's so cool."

So they began talking more and more until they feel getting some kind of attraction for eachother. She's starting to feel those, "Oh, I think he's the one!" vibe.

As they talked and talked at the cafe until it was closing time. They parted ways but exchanged numbers, so they can get to know eachother more. He feels he's found the right woman. But it's something that takes baby steps. He feels very proud that he found her and she too. They have a strong liking for eachother that something will grow even more.



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