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Author Topic: Ushio Okazaki - Another World (A Clannad Story)  (Read 295 times)

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Ushio Okazaki - Another World (A Clannad Story)
« on: December 22, 2014, 03:41:09 AM »
Well, it took me just 30mins to complete and I'm so proud how it turned out.

Not my first fanfic but I hope I did okay on it. Please do tell me and let me know how I did. ^^

Constructive criticism welcome! :D

It's been years since the death of Ushio's family and her friends except for Fuko Ibuki. Ushio now 15 and Fuko at 28 have had their differences over the years ever since Ushio started growing up and Fuko still treating her like a child. Ushio was quite melancholy over the loss of her beloved parents that she misses so greatly.

Fuko being in New York meeting her internet penpal Caroline and is staying there for about a week. She wanted to see Ushio so bad, she was her everything. They been through the ups and downs and even though Fuko did treat Ushio like a kid more then a bestfriend but all that changed after she came back to Japan from her trip from New York.

Ushio was still living with Fuko at her place since was she still young to be on her own, not that she really needs to, she can get a job and live on her own like move into a dorm at a private high school but still not ready since she's still feeling depressed. All she needs a cure to heal her wounds.

She's been skipping school and going to the cemetary and grieve of the loss of her parents.

She thought to herself,

"Why am I the only survivor?! You could've taken me instead too!"

She was angry at the world, she felt like punching and kicking. Crying with tears and turning into a stream of sadness and loss with pain all over her body. The emotional part is the hardest.

Fuko just happened to be around to give flowers for the death of her friends and her sister and she knows she's in good hands up above yet she misses them with all her heart.

As she was walking by she saw Ushio going nuts with herself and crying. She had to go after to her...

"Ushio! I'm here, You don't need to do this anymore! I will always be here for you and never leave your side! I will be here to comfort you and help you through this terrible and tough time! No more tears." She said with all her might with strong compassion and love.

"I wish I can understand and get over it but it's just so hard..."

 Ushio sniffles.

"Don't worry, I will be here to guide you through it all and protect you."

"Okay... Ushio feeling a little better.

Both of them just for a second gazing into eachother's eyes romantically even if their denial of their feelings for eachother but it's still just the beginning for these two wonderful people to start a relationship since Ushio is too young for Fuko.

Couple of months later Ushio got better with therapy and support and love from Fuko and if it wasn't from her she wouldn't be here today. After Ushio turned 20 they both started dating, they both were bisexual and felt like they wanna open their relationship to another level.



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