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Author Topic: *SPOILER ALERT* When did the relation between korra & ***** started?  (Read 835 times)

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Firstly,I would like to thank the creators Mr. Michael & Mr. Bryan,cast crew and the studio crew for this beautiful show and all Fans of LOK (& ATLA) out there for journing alongside "korra" for past 3 years.

Ya there are  some people saying no its just a true friendship while some have strong disapproval to the idea korra-asami and they just didn't like the ending but then there are some awesome people (Like us) who shipped or are really excited with the relationship between korra & asami. So therefore let me make it clear to you guys. Yes! it is korra-asami! If you remember the closing of ATLA you would know that they closed the sence with ang & katara kissing. So why not end the korra and asami relation with an intimacy.What would be the better end! Holding hands in bright light as they pace towards portal & gazing at each other passionately while the sence end if it isn't love then what is it? And for some obvious reason they couldn't show the kissing sence, cause you know it a kids show (while audience is perfectly okay with a man & women kissing but not women & women,saying it sarcastically in my mind. *Yes, i understand its kids show but still this thought came into my mind).
So ya,deal with it, it is korraasami.

*Scroll down for the main question of the thread.

And now before we through light on relationship between korra and asami lets take a look at "jorney of korra".   

I will be honest with you,I really didn't appreciated the book 1. I was still expecting goofy characters, like its predecessor, but  later I realized that the whole story has been matured. In season 1 korra was not really likable. There were not really great sence (except few) & i really thought that Avatar series had lost it touch. But i am glad that i stick around with it for a bit longer.In following season things really started to get more mature & story line got even better. Not to mention the soundtrack . By the second season i had prepared myself for what to expect from korra. Last two seasons were amazing and had really awesome fighting sence and this is when everything heat up. We got to understand korra more better & we grew sympathetic
towards her.
We could see the over all developments in the characters too. From being teenagers (or pre-adult states) they have grown to become adults. Mako, Bolin, asami, Korra  and not to forget 'Prince Wu', have shown great deal of improvements. They weren't perfect & had many issue like common teenagers but they overcome it.I think characters & story had grown much deeper.But not only protagonist were matured. Unlike its previous series where villain, Fire lord ozai was typically an evil character, in korra the evils were more sophisticated. For example Amon and Zaheer they weren't typical evil character but they did what they had because they believed in their  cause. Also villains in korra had better & touching story like amon or more acceptable idea like that of zaheer. So overall not only the protogonnisted were matured but also a great story line was given to the villains too.Although I am not satisfied with the action of kuvira cause i couldn't really understand her motives & the pains she felt in the past which made her do so.

Now for main question time. I won't discuss about the subtle hints given in seasons to show that there was some chemistry going on between those two (you know who)
but rather:
Qes)  I am wondering when did there relationship started.And who was the first one to the develope felling for other.And what happened between them which made them think they were made for each other.

Ans) Well according me, I think korra and asami had relation between them since before korra left for recovery for 3 years. To support this,in the finale sence you can see korra apologizing asami for being away for long. what she is really saying is sorry for pushing her away (she nedded some time alone, not to push her cause she wasn't interested in her) .Also Asasmi offered her help to go along with korra to help her recover but she denied & asami responded that she doesn't need to apologize and she was glad that she didn't lost her like her father (what she meant to say is that she understand why korra needs some time alone by herself).So it is clear that they had relation or feeling for each other before korra went away to recover.
Now in book 3 korra mentioned when they were both riding the car, that she never really had an girlfriend & she is glad that the whole mako thing didnt got between them. By that does she ment girlfriend as girlfriend or friend girlfriend? Well I will go with friend girlfriend cause they were still acting as a friend in upcoming episodes rather then being in relation (or maybe I am worng). But I could say about the above sence that by these time they both have removed all there negative feeling they had towards each other as love rivals becouse of makko and became more close. Later when they were fighting zaheer, Asami saw how strong and amazing women Korra is.I think from seeing korra fighting and the saidness she was in, asami grew feeling for her (correct me if I am worng, or is it because Mako hurt both of them and then those two came together).And i think it is the time when asami first developed feeling for her (Oh wait, Was there any sence in which Asami said to Korra that she had feeling for her or she care about her or is it just in my mind, if not then i think thats the time she got feeling for korra).When korra was on wheelchair  Asami helped her recover & in end of book 3 she finally confessed to korra by holding hands and saying that "I want you to know i am here for you .If you wanna talk or anything... ". I think we are missing few sence here in which asami openly stated her feeling for here since above i dicussed that they were in relation before korra went away for recovery or maybe they just conveyed there feeling to each other but didn't started a relationship.We havent seen korra showing here feeling for asami yet (maybe behind the sence she had) or maybe still korra isn't really sure how she feels for her or havent opened up to her yet,but i can say surely by this time korra had feeling for Asami but due to incident she just needed some time to heal before she openly accept her.I think there were time in Book 3 when Korra needed someone and not Mako but Asami was there. So while korra was away, asami sends her letter that she really miss her and try to cheer her up  & So finnaly after 2 years she wrote only to asami about her problems and that she is the only one she can share her feeling & thus she finnally open up to her.
At the final moment of series they come across each and korra & asami talked to each other as a couple would do after taking a long break between there relationship.Then they decided to go on holiday to spirit world , holding there hands together. The end. *At end i was finally able to master Tearbending.

What do you guys thing. But i am still not able to clarify when did korra developed her feeling for asami & asami for korra .Was it behind the sence after korra got injured or much earlier. And what were the reason they got closer to each other. If bryke could clarify in Comic-con or in comic series of Korra (if there is any) that whould be great.
If you think i went wrong somewhere then please do correct me. After reading many fan article and other story it is possible that i mixed up few things between original and them. And sorry for long post & if had made grammatical mistake in article. Also i couldn't find any post related to this topic so if someone else have already covered this topic, then would you mind giving the link so that i can follow what other people have in mind about this.

Thank you guys. Its been a hell of a ride...korra.
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Re: *SPOILER ALERT* When did the relation between korra & ***** started?
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2014, 06:20:40 PM »
I have to admit first that I didn't read everything there. (I will come back to read them later)

as to the question, my idea is it might probably somewhere a bit before Zaheer injured Korra. I didn't catch it at first, but now that I think about it, the way she held Korra's hand when she was in wheelchair is quite...suggestive. 

That, or it was before she left for recovery.

or during.

I don't know anymore.

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Re: *SPOILER ALERT* When did the relation between korra & ***** started?
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2014, 01:15:15 AM »
I'm rewatching the whole series now. Let me get back to you.

I'm thinking the feelings became apparent when they finally both saw each other again in the restaurant. But, we ever know what were in those letters.

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Re: *SPOILER ALERT* When did the relation between korra & ***** started?
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2014, 12:37:59 PM »
Hi guys,
Now since Korra-asami is confirmed by its creator, I would like to congratulate all the korrasami shippers and supporters out there. Last night Waterlady shared this beautiful words said by  creator:

Mike and Bryan confirm: Korrasami is canon!

In the following topic he confirmed that there relationship started since last two season. And now come to think of it, when  Korra said to Asami that she never had any girlfriend before, I think by this time they were in relationship. I could also say that korra was just about to bump into vine cause she was just focused on Asami & she forgot she is driving. 
 As I am rewatching the  season 3, I saw them both a bit more together & attentive towards each other.   
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Re: *SPOILER ALERT* When did the relation between korra & ***** started?
« Reply #4 on: December 23, 2014, 03:16:16 PM »
Probably started pretty eraly and got solidified when Korra was recuperating for her fight with Zaheer. From what I saw Asami was the one taking care of her, that'll create a close bond.

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Re: *SPOILER ALERT* When did the relation between korra & ***** started?
« Reply #5 on: December 28, 2014, 06:32:46 AM »
Asami probably went through the Florence Nightingale effect.



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