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Author Topic: Drabble/Poetry Contest 56  (Read 445 times)

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Drabble/Poetry Contest 56
« on: April 25, 2014, 02:42:37 AM »
Theme: Late
Info: Because that's what I am with getting this round's theme up. XD Develop a story focusing on any aspect of tardiness. This can be literal or figurative. Good luck and happy writings!
Word count: 400 max.
Start Date: Apr. 24
End Date: 12 AM FT, May 3. Voting all day, winner announced May 4.

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Re: Drabble/Poetry Contest 56
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2014, 10:27:12 AM »
Title:   “The Best Part of Being Late”
Author: A6
Rating: T – Kataang romance
Words: 412
Summary:  Katara has some news for Aang after being married a few years.

(click to show/hide)It was a very lazy morning in their bedroom.  A twentysomething, dark-skinned woman was tangled together with her sleeping husband.  She traced his blue tattoos to the private places she couldn’t in public.  He startled, and smiled at her.

“Good morning Aang,” she cooed.

“Good morning Katara,” he said lovingly.

She sighed and was ready to tell him. They were very relaxed and for once he wasn’t distracted with business of the world.

She rolled over on his chest, smiled, and played with his beard, “Sweetie, you know we’ve been married a few years now.”

“Yes Katara, and every day since has been wonderful. Being married is even better than when we were just friends and even just dating.  Now we share everything, including our bed.”

“I know. It’s all better than I ever thought it could be.”

“Every day is special with you, sweetie.”

“It’s even more special today, Aang.”

He worried, “Oh dear, did I forget an anniversary?”

“No dear. Today is special in another way. Well… you know, one thing leads to another…”

She snuggled closer to him, playing with his chest.  Her skin on his drove him crazy, but she talked very seriously, so he calmed, even though she knew the news would make him even more excited. At least she hoped so.

“I’m sorry Katara. I’m not catching your drift,” he puzzled.

“I’m late…”

“What do you mean you’re late?  We don’t have to go anywhere today,” he said, as he stretched back on the bed, his bare chest exposed, with Katara draped over him showing every bit of her beautiful smooth brown skin.

She smiled, “No, Aang. I’m late…”

His eyes grew as big as saucers, “You mean…. As in 'late' late?”

“Uh huh!” she grinned broadly, nodding.

Immediately he stood up in the bed, grabbed Katara, kissed her emphatically, and spinned with her. they couldn’t stop laughing.

And then he calmed, “Oh dear. I’ll hurt the baby!”

“I’m pregnant, not a glass doll, sweetie.”

With that they whirled again.

“Let’s celebrate!” he exclaimed.

“I know the way you like best,” she smirked.

“You mean you can… uh… when you’re… um…”

“Yep, some people say its better then!” she loved his innocence so much, even in his early twenties.

“Who’s the ‘some people’?”


And those were the last words spoken the remainder of the morning.

After the second failed attempt to awake them, their aides left them alone. Especially hearing the giggles.

That day, they were so late for breakfast it was already lunch…
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