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Author Topic: Avatar Writing Contest 15  (Read 387 times)

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Avatar Writing Contest 15
« on: March 03, 2014, 02:43:43 AM »
Theme: The joke's on you!
Info: In honor of April Fool's Day, and a whole lot of blarney we will experience on St. Patrick's Day coming up, the task is to develop a story focusing on any aspect of ATLA characters making a joke, experiencing a joke (good or bad).  Good luck!
Word count: Unlimited
Start Date: 2 March
End Date: Midnight FT Saturday May 3, voting all day Saturday, winner announced May 4.
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With no entries we are extending this a month
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Title: “The Search Part VII”
Author: A6
Rating: T – violence
Summary:  Ozai  plots revenge against his wife and her new family, learning they were in the capital. This requires having read The Search graphic novel trilogy and The Rift Part 1. This story follows right after Ursa’s visit to the capital with her new family. This story follows my other three Search stories, hence Search part seven. :)

(click to show/hide)A secret aide of Ozai made a secret visit to Ozai in prison.

“Sire she’s here.”

“Who?  Azula?”

“No sire, your daughter seems to have completely disappeared after she ran into Forgetful Valley.  I fear the worst.”

“She’s too angry to let herself get killed.  She’ll turn up. So then, fool.  Don’t leave me guessing, who is it?”


He stood on his feet in absolute anger, and spat, “Ursa! I banished her forever. How dare she come back.”

“Well, sire, Zuko brought her back. And her family…”

Ozai reached through the bars and grabbed his secret contact by the throat.

“Family? What do you mean, family?”

The aide rasped, “Uh… her daughter and… huh… her husband.”

“She’s married? How dare my wife get married again. That’s bigamy.”

“Well sire she was gone five years. And an attractive woman. And when you banished her you uh… divorced her so she would have no claim on the throne or your fortune.”

“Don’t remind me.  But married? Married to who?”

“Her childhood sweetheart. An odd name. Iket… something.”

He slumped back in his cell, “Ikem, idiot.”

He was dumbfounded.  Ikem escaped all Ozai’s assassins.

“So the little lovebirds made a lovechild and dared to come back.”

“She’s Fire Lord Zuko’s mother.  He confirmed your divorce, and blessed their marriage.”

He lunged out again, “Don’t ever say ‘Fire Lord’ except in my presence, understood?”

“Yes Fire Lord Ozai.”

“Leave me alone. I have to think about this. Come back in three days,” he growled.

The aide left and Ozai muttered, “I have to get my revenge on Zuko and the Avatar and his woman.  Now I know how.  Through Ursa’s little home town family.”

The aide came back exactly when requested, and Ozai demanded, “Tell me what’s going on out there.”

“The family is enjoying their time here. There was a banquet for them.  Many more loyalists were there and we learned a lot.  She looks happier than she ever was here. She’s pregnant again too. They are about to head back home.”

“So my little babymaker is still making babies this time with another man. Two timer and cheat that she is… Well she should be happy being pregnant. She can control this one.  Just like she controlled Zuko into the weakling he still is, and thank goodness never controlled Azula.  Well no matter. She won’t see this one born.:

“What do you mean?”

“I was kind in banishing her. I should have killed her for violating our marriage pining for Ikem for years, or blamed her for Azulon’s death and executed her for treason.  Well it doesn’t matter. You have to get me out of here.”

“That’s impossible. You’ve been locked up more than a year. Anyone who tried was captured and executed by those Kyoshi Warrior women.”

“That, my friend is where you will succeed where the others have failed.  You already have their trust.  Get me a fast boat to Hira’a. There I will hide in the woods.  I’ll find that spirit and change my face this time. Then I can walk right up to her in a crowd, and stab her through her happy little cheating heart and as she falls, I will take revenge on loverboy and the kid.   As they lay in a pool of their mixed lovers’ blood, I will tell them who killed them all. Then I will need a walk through the palace, for the final solution for my son and his friends.  I will be Fire Lord again.”

“But sire with a different face, how will you convince people you are really Ozai.”

“There are secrets only I know and can prove it is me with a new face. And I have you to help them be convinced. You know my plans.”

“That seems kind of extreme, sir. Ursa and her family had no role in deposing you.”

“If you don’t want your former wife to have a happy ending, especially one that my son and Aang had anything to do with, then this is just business, not extreme. And I return to power by them.  Wouldn’t you like to rule a colony?”

“I… I…I would sir, very much. Thank you.”

“So are you going to get me out of here or not? Or do I have to find someone else? That’s the price for being Governor.”

“N-n-no sire, I will do it,” saying so in fear for his life.

In a dark completely moonless night, a long rope was lowered from the top of the prison tower. The windows were mostly barless as there was only a deadly drop.  With the line dangling, Ozai squeezed through the window, grasped the rope, and noiselessly touched down.  It worked because it had been accomplished in the one way no one would ever think to escape – on the outside of the tower.

The loyalist aide rushed Ozai off into the darkness.  Another disposed of the rope. In a safe house he cleaned, ate a real meal, donned a set of peasant’s clothes, and disappeared from the city.

It was not discovered until morning, and there was total panic.  Zuko put a protective body guard around his mother and her new family, and they were taken to the deepest part of the Western Air Temple where Zuko and his friends had taken some refuge for awhile. Hira’a was not safe.  A dozen special undercover agents watched for signs of Ozai, and protected Zuko himself around the clock.  Suki vowed that Ozai would never get through her to Zuko or Ursa’s new family with other Kyoshi Warriors protecting them.

Ozai delighted in his freedom, and knowing Hira’a would be ringed with guards, headed swiftly into Forgetful Valley.  He lived there for weeks in exile, waiting like all the others had for the Mother of Spirits, the supposed wraith who changed faces according to the locals.

One day, months later, just when he just about gave up patience for his own plan, by a tranquil pool where he stayed in the same hut Ikem had made for him and Ursa to live and love.

The blue spirit wolf lapped at the pond, looked up, and soon the waters boiled. He was amazed to see faces drift and float, and then in awe, the Mother of Faces rose from the water. It was as the legends and the stories said.

They were face to face.  He was never frightened, but came close, seeing this multi faced gigantic organic creature.

“What do you want of me, human?

“Ozai to you, Mother of Faces.”

“It does not matter. You are a human.”

“I want to change my face.”


“I wish to forget my past.”

“Will this face do?”

“Any face will do. Just make the change.”

Ozai’s answer had an oddly familiar sound.

“Hold still.”

Her arms reached out to clasp his face, and the ghostly new face drifted to wrap itself around his current face.

As she felt his mind, there were familiar memories. And then it hit her.

This man represented all the pain that kind woman Ursa, also known as Noriko, wanted to forget.  The same man who had tortured Azula’s heart and mind she had just healed. There was resident evil throughout this man’s mind and heart. 

While the Mother of Faces hated interfering in the affairs of humans, the case of Ursa and Azula was different.  There was such pain throughout this family for Ursa and her daughter who she had just changed and sent on her way. The pain had one source. A source of great evil.

This man was the source. She felt his deep malice within.

“I cannot change your face, man. You are not worthy.”

“I am so. I was Fire Lord.”

“I am aware of that. It matters not how important you were to me.”

“Who told you?  Ursa?”


“That lying traitor.”

“That is not all.”

“Who then? Ikem?”

“No. Azula. Your daughter.”

“You changed Azula?” He demanded.

“Yes. But she wanted it in her heart more than anything. To get away from you.”

“That is not my daughter, you obviously brainwashed her. I demand to know where she is.”

“She is changed by her own choice, and sent somewhere safe where you can never find her or hurt her again.”

“You have no right to meddle in human affairs, Mother of Faces. You are a spirit. Just change my face.”

“Gladly.  But I do ‘meddle’ in human affairs by the very nature of changing faces.”

“I don’t care, just change me.”

He closed his eyes expecting the change.

He did not notice there no longer a face hovering before him.

“Forgive me fellow spirits for this,” whispered Mother of Faces.

With her hands around Ozai, and her hands glowed around his face.

She took them away, and what was left was…. Nothing at all. Ozai’s face was wiped clean, there was no nose, mouth, eyes or ears. 

But he could sense her final words as she slipped beneath the waters, “Human named Ozai.  You preyed on your own family and would kill anything at will to gain power.  Feel now how it is to be helpless as those you exploit, twist, and slaughter.  My entire existence has been to bestow faces on people.  You have made so many faces sad, or made them die that you are no longer worthy of a human face, as you have not respected any of the others I have bestowed, Your punishment is to go through the rest of your days without a human face, because of your detestable inhumane behavior toward others. I hope you are happy now, but of course you can’t show it with no mouth.”

He reached out, and in a muffled scream knew that he his face was gone, feeling all the missing features. He ran from the Spirit into the woods. He didn’t know which way to go, as he could sense nothing. He was lost instantly.

Moreover he didn’t die due to suffocation. The Mother of Faces placed him in some kind of in between state between the world of men and spirits, exactly as Koh had done to many others.

The Mother of Faces had one final thought meant for those now safe from any more evil from this human, and his schemes, “Rest safely children of the world.”

Aang stopped suddenly, in the midst of counsel and planning for the manhunt for Ozai.

Seeing his startle, Katara and Zuko asked, “What just happened?”

“Mother of Faces just contacted me. She has dealt with Ozai in her own way. Or rather Koh’s way.”

Katara clutched her hands to her face, “Oh dear spirits, does that mean…?”

“It means he’ll never ever bother you Zuko, you mother and her family.  We can all rest.”

They all sighed in relief, and life went back to normal.

Ozai was lost in complete darkness and silence of his own evil thoughts, and knew this was worse than being exiled or dead.
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