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Author Topic: "From The Ashes"  (Read 480 times)

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"From The Ashes"
« on: March 17, 2013, 02:55:00 AM »
So, um...I write sometimes. ^^" And, according to my English teacher, I'm fairly good at it, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

This was actually an assignment in drumline (yeah, we got a writing assignment in drumline...who woulda' guessed?). Since our show this year, "From the Ashes", is very theatrical, we've been pushed a lot to emphasize performance and feeling, and our director thought it might help if we wrote down a short paragraph about how we're supposed to feel during each movement. I was one of the four who didn't have to re-do the assignment. XD

I don't really have much of a rating for it. I suppose I'd probably rate it T, if I had to pick one, because it does get somewhat dark in some places, but I dunno.

But anyways, enough of my rambling. Enjoy the short little story. Feedback and/or advice is appreciated. :)


I  can feel it. I feel it weighing on my back like heavy soil thick atop a solemn coffin. Not yet have I been buried...but do I want to be? This road is full of hardships, of pain. I persist in the path, but my very essence is slipping--reduced to nothing but a mere glass figure doomed to shatter under the forces of life. It can no longer support me--and I fall to the ground as a crumbling ember, a faint red glow fading away.

But death is not the end of this life-cycle. Not, I re-emerge on the other side--the gray, barren wasteland of ash and dust. It is a confusing world, one from which many never escape. Rampant winds toss the dust to and fro, stinging my now-listless eyes. I am not alone here, not physically. I can see the others trudge along, lifeless wings dragging along the sullen ground. But I have been abandoned emotionally. Once-controlled feelings are free to run as while as the chilling winds.And we can also see into that previous world--into the boarder between. There is another who bears the burden which was once mine--the weakness, the fragility. He fights; he fights hard. I know he does not want to join this dreary world--but I have felt the pressure of the end.  Should I feel relieved that his suffering will soon cease? Or perhaps angry that he still lives while I, I am yet doomed to this world? Or maybe sadness because I know that this is a fight he will eventually loose? Yet even as he falls and the last reddish tones fade to dismal gray, I cannot decide.

Regardless of such chaos, depression sits in as I fully understand that he has passed into this lonesome world. Feelings of anger float away, replaced instead by deep regret and longing. Doomed, like me, to this silent hell! This place where there is no life; there is no spark! This place where there is no flight, but only the pitiful dragging of broken wings! But how is it in comparison to that first life? Certainly here we are alone, silent. But there we suffered, as well--after all, is that not why we came here in the very end? For we were wear of the world.

And yet! As I watch, the chains begin to loosen. Clipped wings miraculously grow strong once more. For the first time since crossing to this dreary world, I feel a glowing warmth within my core, slowly spreading to all of my extremities. The glow moves outwards and the grayness of the dismal world melts away around me, yielding to the bright lights and vibrant colors of the land I thought I'd lost! But no longer am I struggling, burdened with a load of grief and anguish--no, now I AM the light--radiant and so beautiful! I have become the everlasting flame, proud and bright and glorious--and I am no longer alone.

As I look around, I see the one who joined the gray world just so recently. He is transforming--rising, re-joining this land! But not more burdened is he than I now am as the spirit of youth pours through his veins. A flame ignites--but unlike I, who became that fire itself, it seems he is destined for so much more! For he, he becomes not the heated flame, but indeed the eternal phoenix himself! "Rising from the ashes, he spreads his wings and flies--leaving behind the pyre--an angel of tomorrow!"

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Re: "From The Ashes"
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2013, 09:09:33 PM »
This is really good, Natti! Such a wonderful (albeit bittersweet) piece! ^-^

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Re: "From The Ashes"
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2013, 09:11:42 PM »
Really great, Natti!

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