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Author Topic: I might need an artist  (Read 523 times)

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I might need an artist
« on: January 01, 2013, 09:32:16 PM »
Jsut talked to Alpha about my latest comic Idea Hime Yakuza. Which is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever thought up ever. Liek litterally.. God touched my brain and said "this" and I was like ":O"

here's the problem. Alpha thinks that it would work best in the classic Anime/manga style which he says he isn't very god at drawing... thinks the idea is golden but doesn't want it to fall short because he can't deliver the proper art style. still he is going to take a look at some character sketches i drew up of part of the cast and see if he can toy around with them.

BUT he also thinks it would be a good idea to maybe look into a new artist just incase.

I unfortunately  have to agree that yes, the setting does have alot of Anime influence... the setting is modern Japan.

So well see.

SO! in he meantime just incase Alpha can't work with teh sketches.. jsut doens't think he can work them int ohis style in a way that works good for the story. I would liek to know if anyoen would be willing to work on this jsut in case.

let me tell you a little about hte plot.

the main character is a trans girl named Yue
She works at once of those small Convince type grocery stores. Unknown to her co-workers she's actually the child of the Yakuza Boss Sakiyo Caton. who disowned her because she is trans and Honor dictated he must do so. it's business as usual at the store.. annoying customers kicking out street punks when her childhood friend shows up to announce that her father is now dead .and in his will named her the head of the Caton family. But she finds out that even as head of the family she doesn't have access to all the wealth and power of being the head because there are some catches. She has to gain teh respect of the other families, and she has to get married in a year.. otherwise it all falls to her crazy brother.  it's a kind of crazy Comedy with some romance and action and some violent humor.

I think the idea is golden! Alpha thinks the idea is golden. Even Seluna wants to help with editing! Sooooo I'm really hoping to get to work on this with the best artist for the job!

Anyone interested?



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