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Author Topic: L'armoir Manoir ||| (RP Planning Thread: Valse Château)  (Read 3268 times)

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L'armoir Manoir ||| (RP Planning Thread: Valse Château)
« on: November 20, 2012, 11:58:22 PM »

L'Armoir Manoir.
An RP Planning Thread

RP will open a few days after forum opening day

Playing Thread

Valse Château is an ongoing roleplay, which means that it doesn't have a visible end. The basis of the RP is simply a ball in a mansion, spurred on from being silly around the shoutbox. This doesn't mean, however, that we cannot have giant character stories and arcs and whatnot. This can be whatever our characters make it. It could be a light-hearted ball where we all dance with each other, or your character could sit in the corner explaining the woes of her life to a companion and make a story out of the two talking, revealing a backstory. You don't even have to come for dancing and celebrations; come a chat it up, become a chef, join the orchestra; WHATEVER you want to do, it's all here.

The only catch is that before joining in you need to submit a character application and have it approved, and read through the RP rules.

Anyone who breaks the rules will be kindly asked to leave the party. <3
~Make sure to register before joining.
~Use proper English. This is a formal ballroom RP. Write like it.
~Put all out of character info in block tags labeled 'OOC.'
~Do not excessively control other people without their consent.
~Do not react angrily if things don't go your way.
~Don't interrupt a flowing storyline, but rather accompany it or smoothly start a B-plot.
~Don't drink and drive.
~Up to 3 characters max per person.
~If you have more than one character, be sure to identify who you are writing.
~Give people ample time to reply.

~character application
All fields must be filled out and posted publicly here in this thread, and will be approved/denied within a week. Copy the code and paste it into a message, filling out the details. Specific information on the fields to be filled out are below.

Official Title: This is your character's full name and title. Include the title whether it's Sir, Madame, Mr., Mrs., Ms, Prince, Princess, Lady, Lord, King, Queen, Nobleman, Representative, Monsieur, or anything else. Then your character's first and last name, and middle if you care to share.
Relationships: This is where you put the details on what kind of relationship your character has with other characters in the RP. Sibling, parent, spouse, lover, extended family, best friend, whatever.
Appearance: Describe your character's physical appearance.
Attire: Describe what you character wears to the ball and preferably provide links to examples. See wardrobe for more details.
Personality: Write a little about your character's personality, what (s)he's like, how he treats people, etc.

Code: [Select]
[u]Official Title[/u]: *
[u]Relationships[/u]: *
[u]Appearance[/u]: *
[u]Attire[/u]: *
[u]Personality[/u]: *

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Re: L'armoir Manoir ||| (RP Planning Thread: Valse Château)
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2012, 01:31:09 AM »
Official Title: Ms. Elizabeth Wraith
Relationships: No other characters yet!
Appearance: Fair/Pale Skin, Red Lipstick, Black eye shadow and liner, soft pink blush, White Nail polish.  About 5'9", Slim/Moderate build, Blue Eyes with Eyeglasses.
Attire: Black Gothic DressBlack Dress Shoes, a White Rose in parted hair [Brown; Long Length],  Black Thigh Socks, and Fingerless Black Lace Gloves.
Personality: Somewhat shy and reserved but also polite.  Likes to avoid being the center of attention and prefers the corner of the room at social events but isn't so timid that she is unable to socialize.  Similar to 'Haruhi Fujioka' from Ouran Highschool [if you've seen that Anime' but far less blunt.
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Re: L'armoir Manoir ||| (RP Planning Thread: Valse Château)
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2012, 06:50:17 AM »
Official Title: Lady Charlotte Darkwood
Relationships: No other characters yet!
Attire: Black Gothic Victorian Dress and choker neckpiece, Black Victorian Heels, Black Satin Mini Hat, Black Lace Parasol (when outside), Silver black rose ring, Black Lace Fan
Appearance: Fair/Pale Skin, smoky black eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara, red lipstick, black nail polish. 5'6", slim, curvy, really dark brown hair, dark brown/black eyes
Personality: Speaks formally and with an English accent and also very polite unless provoked, has a tendency to stare off into the distance while in deep thought or just looking outside (sometimes looking sad when she's actually just thinking), not one to start up a conversation but a very good conversationalist, mostly cheerful and also very intelligent, a confusing sense of humor (if not none at all at times), annoyed easily, a bit of an enigma, and slightly morbid.
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Re: L'armoir Manoir ||| (RP Planning Thread: Valse Château)
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2012, 11:26:01 PM »
Official Title: Lady Harmony Adela St. James
Relationships: Nothing yet!
Appearance: Long, wavy, dark brown hair, green eyes, about 5'4", slim build. Very light on the make-up, some soft pink blush and lipgloss, and light purple eyeshadow. (See this doll for example; her attire will be different!)
Attire: Purple Chiffon Evening Dress, Silver Slingback Dress Sandals, Purple Flower Hair Pin, Sliver Heart Necklace, Sliver Heart Bracelet
Personality: She is very shy and quiet and avoids drawing attention to herself. She is also kind and generous and will do whatever she can to help others, often putting others' needs above her own. This can lead to her being a doormat sometimes. :/ She has a good sense of humor and loves to laugh and is a bit of a kid at heart. She is not religious but she is very spiritual, and often meditates and can read others' energy and auras.

(I've never RPed before so idk if I'll really be too active but I'll try akfjakshdfkaszhdkhfkahszdf)
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