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Author Topic: Gaming and Tech Culture Rules  (Read 653 times)

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Gaming and Tech Culture Rules
« on: November 17, 2012, 07:34:55 AM »
We gamers are a passionate bunch. Opinions will generally be very firm and you are free to express them. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't any restrictions.

1. Respect your fellow gamers. Everyone's entitled to express their opinion but it should be done so in a respectful manner. Bashing games or certain genres of games is okay but you gotta give a reason as to why you don't like it.

Bad ex.: I hate those Cooking/Gardening Mama games. They're stupid/they suck.

Good ex.: I hate those Cooking/Gardening Mama games because I find them disrespectful to women and stereotyping of Japanese (if it's possible to stereotype against your own culture).

2. Mark your spoilers. If you're discussing the story of a game and an important plot point comes up, put it in spoiler tags by hitting that little button to the left of the youtube icon. Also if you're discussing game strategy, put the the helpful hints in spoilers because there may be people who want to figure things out for themselves.

3. If you have information about a new game, always post a link to a source in the original post or in your reply.
Rumors are fun to discuss but if it's a thread about a new game or console, a source should be posted. It doesn't have to be official. If plot points are revealed, refer to rule number 2.

4. Like in the Avatar-related forums, respect people's shipping preferences. This should be self-explanatory but while shipping discussions  and debates make for good topics, ship bashing will NOT be tolerated. There's a difference beteween criticism and bashing. You should know where the line is.

If any mod wants to add to this, go ahead.
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