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Author Topic: TKC Holiday Contests and Activities are all live! Join today!  (Read 696 times)

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TKC Holiday Contests and Activities are all live! Join today!
« on: December 19, 2012, 05:58:26 AM »
TKC Holiday Event: Join in on the fun!

Take a look at the site - it's full of falling snowflakes, blanketed in snow, and Christmas lights deck our boards! It's beginning to feel a lot like the holidays here at The Korra Connection!

Join us now through January 1st while we celebrate the season together as a forum family.

Check out all our fun activities, contests, and games - be sure to make an ornament for the TKC tree and check out all the other fun activities! We'll be giving out participation awards and trophies, too, in the spirit of giving! <3

Be sure to also create your own threads about everything relating to the Holiday season and have fun!

Surely you've visited our hub of holiday activity: A Waterbender Winter Wonderland?

If not, be sure to head right over! All our contests and activities are underway!

A quick list of all the contests we have in store:

TKC Holiday Art Contest: "Let it Snow!"

TKC Holiday Writing Contest: "The Gift of..."

TKC Holiday Graphic Contest: "Holiday Cards"

And some fun activities, too!

TKC Ornaments: Let's decorate the Link Tree!

TKC Gingerbread Men: Avatar Style!

Secret Santa is also under way! If you've applied already, you'll receive a name on Wednesday, December 19th! Be sure to follow the directions outlined in the thread. When you're finished with your project, make sure to PM it to The Council Page by the 25th!

Click his avatar to be taken to his profile! He'll be the one keeping name-giving and gifting anonymous. ;)




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